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1as/ˈæz, əz/adverb
/ˈæz, əz/
Learner's definition of AS  
: to the same degree or amount
formal  — used to introduce an example
2as/ˈæz, əz/conjunction
/ˈæz, əz/
Learner's definition of AS  
— used to make comparisons — usually used in the phrase as…as — sometimes used in negative phrases with so
   b  — used in the phrase as…as to say when something should be done, how often something should happen, etc.
: in the way that
   b  — used to introduce a statement which indicates that something being mentioned was known, expected, etc.
   c  — used in phrases with same
: while or when
: regardless of the degree to which : though
formal  : for the reason that : because
— used to indicate that one relationship is like another relationship
— used with so or such to indicate the result or effect of something
— see also so as (below)

as against

: in comparison to (something)

as for

: with regard to : concerning

as from

chiefly British
— used to indicate the time or date when something begins

as if

oras though
: the way it would be if
: as someone would do if
— used in spoken phrases to say that something is not true, will not happen, etc.
◊ The phrase as if is sometimes used informally as an interjection to say that something suggested or claimed is impossible or very unlikely.

as is

chiefly US
: in the present condition without any changes

as it is

: in the present condition
: with the situation that exists now

as it were

— used to say that a statement is true or accurate in a certain way even if it is not literally or completely true

as of

— used to indicate the time or date when something begins

as to

: 2about

as was

British, informal
: formerly originally — used after a former name

so as

— used to indicate the purpose of something
— see also 2as 7 (above)
3as/ˈæz, əz/preposition
/ˈæz, əz/
Learner's definition of AS  
— used to indicate how a person or thing appears, is thought of, etc.
— used to indicate the condition, role, job, etc., of someone or something
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