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Learner's definition of BURN  
[no object] 
◊ The forms burned and burnt are used in both U.S. and British English. Burned is more common in U.S. English; burnt is more common in British English.
of a fire or flame  : to give off heat, light, and gases
   b  always used in progressive tenses  : to contain a fire
— see also burning
always used in progressive tenses[no object]  : to be on fire : to have or produce a flame
   b  [+ object]  : to set (something) on fire : to make (something) have or produce a flame
: to destroy or damage (something) by fire or heat
[+ object]
[no object]
◊ A building or other structure that burns to the ground or is burned to the ground is completely destroyed by fire.
   b  : to injure or damage (someone or a part of the body) by fire, heat, acid, etc.
[+ object]
[no object]
: to ruin (food) by cooking it too long or with too much heat
[+ object]
[no object]
of an acid, chemical, etc.  : to damage (something) by causing a strong chemical reaction
[+ object]
[no object]
— sometimes used figuratively
   b  [+ object]  : to produce (something, such as a hole) by fire, heat, acid, etc.
◊ If you have money and you want to spend it, the money is burning a hole in your pocket.
always used in progressive tenses[no object]  : to be very hot
— see also burning
: to have or produce an unpleasantly hot and painful feeling
[+ object]
[no object]
   b  [no object]  : to feel a pain that is like being injured by heat or fire
   c  always used in progressive tenses[no object]  : to have a high fever — often + up
— see also burn up (below), burning
[no object] 
: to feel a strong emotion — often + with — sometimes + for — sometimes followed by to + verb
   b  : to become hot and red because of a strong emotion — often + with
US, informal [+ object] 
: to cheat or deceive (someone) : to take advantage of (someone) — usually used as (be) burned
   b  : to make (someone) very angry — usually + up
— see also burn up (below)
10  [no object]  : to be used as fuel
   b  [+ object]  : to use (something) as fuel — often + up
   c  [+ object]  : to use (food, calories, etc.) as a source of energy — often + off or up
— see also burn off (below), burn up (below)
11  [no object]  : to give off light : to shine or glow
12  [+ object]computers  : to record information or music on a disk

burn away

[phrasal verb]
burn away or burn (something) away or burn away (something) 
: to be removed or to remove (something) by fire or heat

burn down

[phrasal verb]
burn downof a building or other structure or burn (something) down or burn down (something)  : to be destroyed or to destroy (something) by fire
burn downof a fire  : to become smaller : to gradually produce less and less flame

burn off

[phrasal verb]
burn off or burn (something) off or burn off (something) 
US, of fog, smoke, etc.  : to go away because of the sun's heat
: to be removed or to remove (something) by fire or heat
— see also 1burn 10c (above)

burn out

[phrasal verb]
burn outof a fire or burn (itself) out  : to stop burning — sometimes used figuratively
burn (a building) out or burn out (a building)  : to destroy the inside of (a building) by fire
— see also burned out 1
burn out or burn (something) out or burn out (something)  : to stop working or cause (something) to stop working because of too much use or careless use
burn out or burn (someone) out also burn out (someone)  : to become or cause (someone) to become very physically and emotionally tired after doing a difficult job for a long time : to suffer burnout or cause (someone) to suffer burnout
— see also burned out 2

burn rubber

— see 1rubber

burn the candle at both ends

: to do too much by being active late at night and during the day

burn the midnight oil

: to work or study until very late at night

burn through

[phrasal verb]
burn through (something)informal 
: to use all of (something) quickly

burn up

[phrasal verb]
burn up or burn (something) up or burn up (something) 
: to be destroyed or cause (something) to be destroyed by fire
— see also 1burn 7c

burn your bridges

also Britishburn your boats
: to do something that makes you unable to go back to a previous situation

crash and burn

— see 1crash

money to burn

— see money

— burnable

/ˈbɚnəbəl/adjective,[more burnable; most burnable]
Learner's definition of BURN  
: an injury caused by fire, heat, acid, etc.
   b  : a burned area : a mark on the surface of something caused by a flame or fire
[count]  : a painful red mark on the skin caused by rubbing against something
[singular]  : a sharp, hot pain : a burning feeling

do a slow burn

US, informal
: to slowly become very angry
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