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Learner's definition of CAP  
: a small, soft hat that often has a hard curved part (called a visor) that extends out over your eyes
— see also baseball cap
   b  : a covering for a person's head that is worn for a special purpose
— see also thinking cap
   c  : a hat that people with particular jobs wear while working
: a part or object that covers the end or top of something
: a part that forms the top of something
: a limit on the amount of money that can be spent, given, charged, etc., for something
: a paper or metal container that holds an explosive substance
informal  : a capital letter — usually plural
: a hard substance that is shaped to look like a healthy tooth and used to cover a damaged tooth
British, sports 
: an opportunity to play for your school or country
   b  : a player chosen to play for a country's team
British  : diaphragm 3

a feather in your cap

— see 1feather

cap in hand

— see 1hand

if the cap fits

Britishorif the cap fits, wear it
— used to say that something said about a person is true and the person should accept it as true

tip your cap

— see 1tip
Learner's definition of CAP  
[+ object]
: to cover the top or end of (something) : to put a cap on (something)
: to end (something) in usually an exciting or impressive way — often + off in U.S. English
   b  : to follow (something) with something that is better, worse, etc.
: to prevent (something) from increasing : to put an upper limit on (something)
   b  British  : to put a limit on the amount of money that can be spent by (a group)
: to cover (a tooth) with a hard material that is shaped to look like a healthy tooth : to put a cap on (a tooth)
British, sports  : to choose (someone) to play for a national team — usually used as (be) capped
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