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Learner's definition of CHECK  
: to look at (something) carefully to find mistakes, problems, etc., or to make sure there is nothing wrong with it
[+ object]
[no object]
— + for
: to get information by looking at something, asking about something, etc.
[+ object]
[no object]
— often followed by to + verb
   b : to look at or in (a place) in order to find or get something or someone
[+ object]
[no object]
   c [+ object] : to find out if you have any (mail, messages, etc.)
: to talk with someone in order to get approval, information, etc., about something
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object] 
: to slow or stop (something or someone) from doing something
   b hockey : to stop or hit (an opponent) in order to steal the ball or puck, defend the goal, etc.
US [+ object] 
: to leave (something you own) with a worker at a restaurant, hotel, etc., who keeps it in a special area or room (called a checkroom) while you are there
   b : to give (your bags, suitcases, etc.) to a worker so that they can be loaded onto a plane or train
   c : to take (someone's bags, suitcases, etc.) to load them onto a plane or train
— see also check in 3 (below)
[+ object]US : to mark (something) with a check (✓) to show that it has been done, approved, etc.— often + off
[no object]US, informal : to be proven to be true, accurate, etc.— usually used in negative statements
— see also check out 2 (below)

check back

[phrasal verb]informal
: to return to a place, person, etc., in order to try something again or to get additional information

check in

[phrasal verb]
: to report to someone when you arrive at a place (such as an airport or convention) to let them know you are there
especially : to arrive at and be given a room in a hotel, motel, etc.
— see also check-in
US, informal : to talk with someone in order to report or find out new information— usually + with
check (something) in or check in (something) : to leave or take bags, suitcases, etc., so that they can be loaded onto a plane or train

check into

[phrasal verb]
check into (something) 
: to arrive at and be given a room in (a hotel, motel, etc.)
: to look for information about (something): to find out the truth about (something) by getting information

check off on

[phrasal verb]
check off on (something)US, informal 
: to give official approval for (something)

check on

[phrasal verb]
check on (someone or something) 
: to look at or examine (someone or something) to see if there are any problems
: to look for information about (someone or something): to find out the truth about (someone or something) by getting information

check out

[phrasal verb]
: to leave and pay for your room at a hotel, motel, etc.
— see also checkout
   b US, informal : to die
US, informal 
: to be proven to be accurate, true, etc.
   b check out (something) or check (something) out : to find out if (something) is true
check out (something or someone) or check (something or someone) out 
: to look at (something or someone) in order to find problems, mistakes, etc.
   b informal : to look at (someone or something that is attractive or interesting)— often used in the phrase check it out to direct someone's attention to something
check out (something) or check (something) out 
: to borrow (something) from a library
   b US : to add up the cost of the goods that someone buys in a store (such as a supermarket) and accept payment for them
also : to pay for the goods that you buy in a store
— see also checkout

check over

[phrasal verb]
check (something or someone) over or check over (something or someone) 
: to look at (something or someone) in a careful way to find problems, mistakes, etc.

check through

[phrasal verb]
check through (something) 
: to look at the parts of (a group of things)

check up on

[phrasal verb]
check up on (someone or something) 
: to find or look for information about (someone or something) often in order to find out the truth

— checkable

Learner's definition of CHECK  
[count] : the act or process of looking at or examining something to find out information or see if there is anything wrong with it
: something that stops or limits another thing— usually + on
— see also checks and balances
   b hockey : an act of hitting or stopping a player in order to steal the ball or puck, defend a goal, etc.
UScheckor Britishcheque
: a piece of paper that is used to make a payment to someone using the money in a bank account
— compare money ordersee also blank checktraveler's check
[count]US : a bill for the food and drinks that are served in a restaurant
[count]US : a mark ✓ that is used to show that something (such as an item on a list) has been noted, done, etc.
— called also "US"check mark"chiefly British"tick
   b informal — used in speech to say that something has been noted, done, etc.
US [count] 
: a room in a restaurant, theater, etc., where you can leave something that you do not want to carry or wear
   b : a ticket that is given to you when you leave something (such as a hat or a coat) that you will return for later
— see also rain check
[noncount] : a situation in the game of chess in which a player's king can be captured on the opponent's next turn and must be protected or moved
— compare checkmate

cut a check

— see 1cut

in check

: under control— used with keep or hold
— compare 3check
Learner's definition of CHECK  
: a pattern of squares in different colors— often used before another noun
— compare 2check
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