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Learner's definition of CLAIM  
[+ object]
: to say that (something) is true when some people may say it is not true— often followed by to + verb
: to say that you have (something)
   b : to say that (something) belongs to you or that you deserve (something)
: to say that you have a legal right to be given (something)
: to take (something that belongs to you or that you deserve)
— used to say that someone's attention, time, etc., is being given to something
: to cause the end of someone's life

— claimable

Learner's definition of CLAIM  
: a statement saying that something happened a certain way or will happen a certain way: a statement saying that something is true when some people may say it is not true
: an official request for something (such as money) that is owed to you or that you believe is owed to you
: a right to have something
◊ To lay claim to (something) is to say that it belongs to you or that you have a right to it.
— usually + on or to
: an area of land that you take as your own often for a specified use

baggage claim

orbaggage claim area
: the area in an airport or bus station where you pick up your luggage after traveling

claim to fame

: something that someone or something is famous for or that makes someone or something important or interesting

stake (out) a claim

— see 2stake
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