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Learner's definition of CONDITION  
[noncount]  : a way of living or existing
: the state in which something exists : the physical state of something
[singular]  : the physical or mental state of a person or animal
◊ If you are in no condition to do something, you are not physically or mentally able to do it.
If you are in condition or in good/excellent (etc.) condition, you are strong and healthy.
If you are out of condition or in poor/bad (etc.) condition, you are not strong and not ready to work or play a sport.
[count]  : a sickness or disease that a person has for a long time
conditions [plural] 
: the situation in which someone or something lives, works, etc.
   b  : the things that affect the way something is or happens : the characteristics of a situation
   c  : the type of weather that occurs at a particular time
[count]  : something that you must do or accept in order for something to happen
◊ If you agree to do something on (the) condition that something happens, you will do it only if that thing happens.
[count]  : something that must happen or exist in order for something else to happen — usually + for or of

under no condition

— used to say that something is definitely not allowed
Learner's definition of CONDITION  
[+ object]
: to train or influence (a person or an animal) to do something or to think or behave in a certain way because of a repeated experience — often used as (be) conditioned
: to make (something, such as hair or leather) softer and less dry by applying a liquid

be conditioned on/upon

— used to say that something will happen only if something else also happens
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