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Learner's definition of CONTROL  
[+ object]
: to direct the behavior of (a person or animal): to cause (a person or animal) to do what you want
: to have power over (something)
: to direct the actions or function of (something): to cause (something) to act or function in a certain way
   b : to set or adjust the amount, degree, or rate of (something)
: to limit the amount or growth of (something)
: to keep (emotions, desires, etc.) from becoming too strong or from being shown
   b : to keep or make (yourself) calm especially when you are angry, upset, or excited

— controllable

/kənˈtroʊləbəl/adjective,[more controllable; most controllable]
Learner's definition of CONTROL  
[noncount] : the power to make decisions about how something is managed or done
[noncount] : the ability to direct the actions of someone or something
◊ If you lose control or lose control of yourself, you become very angry, upset, or excited.
If people or things are out of control, they cannot be handled or managed with success.
: an action, method, or law that limits the amount or growth of something
[count] : a device or piece of equipment used to operate a machine, vehicle, or system
◊ If you are at the controls, you are controlling a vehicle.
— see also remote control
[singular] : the group of people who direct or control something (such as the flight of an aircraft)
— see also mission control
[count] : a person, thing, or group that is not treated with something that is being tested in an experiment in order to allow comparison with a treated person, thing, or group

in control

: having control of something
: not overly upset or excited: calm and able to think and act in a sensible way

under control

: able to be handled or managed with success: not out of control
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