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Learner's definition of DIG  
[no object] : to move soil, sand, snow, etc., in order to create a hole
   b [+ object] : to form (a hole, tunnel, etc.) by removing soil, sand, snow, etc.
[+ object] : to uncover (something that is underground) by moving earth, soil, sand, etc.
— see also dig for (below)
[no object] : to look for information about something
[+ object] : to like or admire (someone or something)
   b : to understand or appreciate (someone or something)
[+ object]
[no object]
   c [+ object] : to pay attention to or look at (someone or something)
◊ Senses 4b and 4c have an old-fashioned quality. They are still used, but they are often intended to suggest the language of the 1950s and '60s. Sense 4a is somewhat more common.
: to reach for something
[no object]
: to put (your hand) into something
[+ object]

dig for

[phrasal verb]
dig for (something) 
: to search for (something) by digging— often used figuratively

dig in

[phrasal verb]
dig (something) in or dig in (something) : to mix (something) into the soil in the ground by digging
dig in or dig (yourself) in : to dig a trench and take position inside it— often used figuratively
informal : to begin eating
dig in your heels or dig your heels in : to behave in a stubborn way: to refuse to change

dig into

[phrasal verb]
dig (something) into (something) : to mix (something) into (soil) by digging
dig into (something) 
informal : to begin eating (something)
   b somewhat informal : to try to learn or uncover information by studying (something)
dig (something) into (something) or dig into (something) : to push against (a body part) in a sharp and painful way

dig out

[phrasal verb]
dig (something) out or dig out (something) 
: to get (something) by searching
: to get (something) out of soil, sand, snow, etc., by digging

dig up

[phrasal verb]
dig up (something) or dig (something) up 
: to uncover or find (something) by digging
informal : to discover (information)

dig up (the) dirt

— see dirt

dig your own grave

: to behave in a way that will cause you to lose or fail
Learner's definition of DIG  
[count] : a push with a body part (such as your elbow): a poke or thrust
[count] : a criticism or insult that is directed toward a particular person or group— often + at
[count] : a place where scientists try to find buried objects by digging
also : the act of digging for buried objects
digs informal [plural] 
US : the place where someone lives
   b British, old-fashioned : a room rented in another person's home
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