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Learner's definition of DIRECT  
[+ object] : to cause (someone or something) to turn, move, or point in a particular way
[+ object] 
: to cause (someone's attention, thoughts, emotions, etc.) to relate to a particular person, thing, goal, etc.
   b : to say (something) to a particular person or group
[+ object] : to guide, control, or manage (someone or something)
: to lead a group of people in performing or filming (a movie, play, etc.)
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to show or tell (someone) how to go to a place: to give (someone) directions
somewhat formal [+ object] 
: to ask or tell (a person or group) to do something
   b : to order (something) to be done— + that
[+ object] : to send (a letter, note, etc.) to a specified person or place
Learner's definition of DIRECT  
[more direct; most direct] : going the shortest distance from one place to another: going straight without turning or stopping
— opposite indirect
always used before a noun[more direct; most direct] : coming straight from a source
— opposite indirect
always used before a noun[more direct; most direct] : coming straight from a cause or reason: connected or related to something in a clear way
— opposite indirect
always used before a noun[more direct; most direct] : having no people or things in between that could have an effect
— opposite indirect
always used before a noun : related in a line from your parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, etc.
always used before a noun : perfect or exact
[more direct; most direct] 
: said or done in a clear and honest way: sincere and straightforward
   b : speaking in a clear and honest way
— opposite indirect
always used before a noungrammar : consisting of the exact words of a speaker or writer
— opposite indirect

— directness

Learner's definition of DIRECT  
: in a direct way: such as
: in a straight line without turning or stopping
   b : straight from a source with nothing and nobody in between
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