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Learner's definition of DRAG  
[+ object] : to pull (someone or something that is heavy or difficult to move)— often used figuratively
[no object] : to move along the ground, floor, etc., while being pulled
   b [+ object] : to cause (something) to move along the ground, floor, etc., by pulling it
always followed by an adverb or preposition[+ object] : to force (yourself) to move or to go to a place when you are tired, busy, etc.
   b [no object] : to go or move more slowly than others
[+ object] : to bring (an unpleasant or complicated subject, fact, etc.) into a discussion or argument— + up or into
[no object] : to go on for a long time in a way that seems slow and boring
[+ object] : to pull a net or set of hooks through (a river, lake, pond, etc.) in order to search for or collect something
[+ object]computers : to move (items on a computer screen) by using a computer mouse

drag down

[phrasal verb]
drag (someone) down or drag down (someone) : to force (someone) into a bad situation or condition
drag (someone) down : to make (someone) unhappy
drag down (something) or drag (something) down : to make (something) lower in amount or quality

drag into

[phrasal verb]
drag (someone) into (something) 
: to involve (a person, group, etc.) in (a difficult or complicated situation)
— see also 1drag 4 (above)

drag on

[phrasal verb]disapproving
: to go on for a long time: to progress slowly

drag out

[phrasal verb]
drag out (something) or drag (something) out : to cause (something) to take more time than necessary
drag (something) out of (someone) : to force (something, such as a confession) from (someone): to make (someone) tell you (something)

drag someone's name through the mud

: to publicly say false or bad things that harm someone's reputation

drag your feet

alsodrag your heels
: to avoid doing something for a long time because you do not want to do it

like something the cat dragged in

— see cat

Look what the cat dragged in!

— see cat
Learner's definition of DRAG  
[singular]informal : someone or something that is boring, annoying, or disappointing
[singular]informal : someone or something that makes action or progress slower or more difficult— usually + on
[count]informal : the act of breathing in smoke from a cigarette, cigar, pipe, etc.
[noncount]physics : the force of air that pushes against an airplane, a car, etc., as it moves forward

in drag

: wearing clothes that are usually worn by the opposite sex
— see also main drag
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