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Learner's definition of EVEN  
[more even; most even] 
: having a flat, smooth, or level surface
   b  : not having breaks or bumps
: located next to someone or something else — often + with
: not changing : staying the same
[more even; most even]  : equal and fair : not giving an advantage to one side or group
   b  : having nothing owed by either side
   c  : not likely to be won easily by one side or another
of a number  : able to be divided by two into two equal whole numbers
   b  : marked by an even number
   c  always used before a noun  : not more or less than a stated amount
— used to say that something is as likely to happen as to not happen

break even

— see 1break

get even

: to do something bad or unpleasant to someone who has treated you badly or unfairly

on an even keel

— see 1keel

— evenly


— evenness

Learner's definition of EVEN  
— used to stress something that is surprising or unlikely
— used to stress the difference between two things that are being compared
— used after a negative word (such as not or a contraction of not) to stress the smallness of an amount or effort
— used to stress something that goes beyond what has just been mentioned in some way (such as by being stronger or more specific)

even as

: at the same time as

even if

— used to stress that something will happen despite something else that might prevent it

even now/then

— used to stress that something is or was happening at a particular time
— used to stress that something (such as a person's attitude or behavior) was or is very surprising and unexpected

even so

— used to introduce a statement that is somehow different from what has just been said

even though

— used as a stronger way to say “though” or “although”
Learner's definition of EVEN  
[+ object]
: to make (something) equal
— see also even the score at 1score

even out

[phrasal verb]
: to become level
even (something) out or even out (something)  : to make (something) even and smooth
even out or even (something) out or even out (something)  : to reach a balanced or middle state between extremes over a period of time
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