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Learner's definition of FEED  
[+ object]  : to give food to (someone or something)
   b  [+ object]  : to give (something) as food to someone or something — sometimes used figuratively
   c  [+ object]  : to produce or provide food for (someone or something)
   d  [no object]  : eat — usually used of animals
[+ object] 
: to provide what is needed for the continued growth, operation, or existence of (something)
   b  : to supply (material to be used) to a machine
[+ object]  : to give support or strength to (something, such as a feeling)
[+ object]  : to make (something) move through an opening
[+ object]sports  : to pass a ball or puck to (a team member) especially for a shot at the goal

bite the hand that feeds you

— see 1bite

feed back

[phrasal verb]
feed backBritish or feed back (something) or feed (something) back 
: to give helpful information or criticism to someone about a performance, product, etc. : to provide feedback — usually + to or into

feed off

[phrasal verb]
feed off (something) 
: to gain strength, energy, or support from (something)

feed on/upon

[phrasal verb]
feed on/upon (something) 
: to eat (something) as food — usually used of animals

feed (someone) a line

: to tell (someone) a story or an explanation that is not true

feed up

[phrasal verb]
feed (someone) upBritish, informal 
: to make (someone) stronger or less thin by giving them large meals
— see also fed up

feed your face

: to eat a lot of food
Learner's definition of FEED  
[noncount]  : food for animals
   b  [count]informal  : a large meal
   c  [count]British  : feeding
[count]  : a part of a machine or system that sends material or electricity to other parts
[count]  : a television program that is sent to a station for broadcasting
[count]sports  : the action of passing a ball or puck to a team member who is in position to score
— see also chicken feed
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