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Learner's definition of FIGURE  
: a symbol that represents a number
: digit
   b : a value that is expressed in numbers
◊ If you have a good head for figures, you are good at making calculations with numbers. If you have no head for figures, you are bad at making calculations with numbers.
: a person or animal that can be seen only as a shape or outline
   b : the shape or form of a person's body
Figure in this sense usually refers to women rather than men.
◊ The phrases a fine figure of a man and (less commonly) a fine figure of a woman describe someone who is tall and has a strong and well-formed body.
: a drawing, sculpture, etc., that represents the form of a person or animal
— see also stick figure
: a person who has a specified status or who is regarded in a specified way
: a diagram or picture— abbreviation fig.
   b mathematics : a combination of points, lines, or surfaces in geometry
Learner's definition of FIGURE  
[+ object] : to expect or think (something)
US, informal 
[+ object] : to understand or find (something, such as a reason) by thinking
   b [no object] : to appear likely to do something
[no object] : to be or appear important: to have an important part in something
[+ object] : to calculate (an amount, cost, etc.)
[no object]chiefly US, informal : to seem reasonable, normal, or expected

figure in

[phrasal verb]
figure (something) inUS or figure in (something) : to include (something) while making calculations
figure in (something) : to be involved in (something, such as an activity)

figure into

[phrasal verb]
figure into (something)US 
: to be included as a part of (something)

figure on

[phrasal verb]
figure on (something)US, informal 
: to expect to get or have (something)
: to plan to do (something)

figure out

[phrasal verb]
figure out (something) or figure (something) out 
: to understand or find (something, such as a reason or a solution) by thinking
   b : to find an answer or solution for (something, such as a problem)
figure (someone) out or figure out (someone) : to understand the behavior of (someone)

go figure

US, informal
— used to say that something is surprising or hard to understand
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