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Learner's definition of FINGER  
[count]  : one of the five long parts of the hand that are used for holding things
especially  : one of the four that are not the thumb
: something that is long and thin and looks like a finger
   b  : the part of a glove into which a finger is placed
the finger US, informal  : an obscene gesture made by pointing the middle finger up, keeping the other fingers down, and turning the palm towards you

all fingers and thumbs

: very clumsy

cross your fingers

— see 2cross

finger on the pulse

◊ If you have/keep your finger on the pulse of something, you know about the latest things that are happening.

have a finger in a/the pie

: to have an interest or share in something

itchy finger

— see itchy

keep your fingers crossed

— see 2cross

lay a finger on

: to touch or hit (someone) — usually used in negative statements

lift a finger

: to make an effort to do something — usually used in negative statements

point an accusing finger at

orpoint a/the finger at
: to accuse or blame (someone)

put/stick two fingers up at someone

British, informal
: to make an obscene gesture by holding up the index finger and the middle finger of one hand in the shape of a V while keeping the palm turned inward

put your finger on

: to find out the exact nature of (something) : identify

the finger of blame/suspicion

— used to say that someone is being blamed or suspected

work your fingers to the bone

: to work very hard

wrap (someone) around your (little) finger

— see 1wrap

— fingered


— fingerlike

Learner's definition of FINGER  
[+ object]
: to touch (something) with your fingers
chiefly US, informal  : to identify (someone) as the person who has committed a crime
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