1 float /ˈfloʊt/ verb
floats; floated; floating
1 float
floats; floated; floating
Learner's definition of FLOAT
[no object]
: to rest on top of a liquid
: to be carried along by moving water or air
[+ object]
: to cause (something) to rest on top of a liquid : to cause (something) to float
: to cause or allow (something) to be carried or moved by moving water
[no object] : to move or go in a gentle, graceful, or quiet way
sometimes used figuratively
[no object] : to live without having any serious purpose or goal
[+ object] : to suggest (an idea, plan, etc.) for acceptance
[+ object] US : to make arrangements for (a loan)
[+ object] finance : to sell (shares in a company) in the market
of a government : to allow the value of a currency when it is exchanged for other types of currency to change freely
[+ object]
[no object]

floating on air

see 1air
2 float /ˈfloʊt/ noun
plural floats
2 float
plural floats
Learner's definition of FLOAT
: something that floats: such as
: a light object that is attached to a fishing line
: a floating platform near a shore for use by swimmers or boats
: a structure that holds up an airplane on water
: a vehicle with a platform used to carry an exhibit in a parade
US : a soft drink with ice cream floating in it
British : an amount of money that is kept available for making change in a shop
see also milk float
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