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Learner's definition of FORM  
: a type or kind of something
   b  : one of several or many different ways in which something is seen, experienced, or produced
: the shape of something
   b  [count]  : something that can be seen only as a shape or outline
   c  [count]  : bodily shape : figure
[count]  : a document with blank spaces for filling in information
[noncount]somewhat old-fashioned  : a way of behaving that is judged as proper or improper
: a manner or style of performing
   b  : condition for performing
   c  — used to describe how well or badly someone is performing
: the way in which the parts of a piece of writing or music or of a work of art are arranged
[count]  : any one of the different ways in which a word may be written or spoken
— see also combining form
[noncount]  : a grade in a British secondary school or in some American private schools

as a matter of form

— used to say that something is done because it is polite, usual, or required

form of address

— see 2address

in any way, shape, or form

— see 1way

take form

: to begin to develop : to start to exist or be seen

true to form

◊ Something or someone that is (or runs, holds, etc.) true to form behaves or proceeds in the usual and expected way.
Learner's definition of FORM  
[+ object]  : to cause (something) to have a particular shape or form
[+ object]  : to get, create, or develop (something) over a period of time
: to begin to exist or to be seen
[no object]
[+ object]
   b  [no object]  : to gather together in a group
[+ object]  : to make or create (something)
[linking verb]  : to be something
[+ object]  : to be arranged in (a shape) : to move or be moved into (a shape)
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