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Learner's definition of FULL  
: containing or holding as much or as many as possible — often + of
always used before a noun 
: not lacking anything : complete in number, amount, etc.
◊ The phrase a full is often used to stress the large size of an amount.
   b  : not limited in any way
   c  : not reduced or shortened
   d  : existing or working at the highest or greatest degree : developed as much as possible
always used before a noun  : including many things
   b  : involving many activities : very active
: having a rounded shape : not thin or narrow
: having or containing a great number or amount of something
: having eaten all that is wanted
   b  always used before a noun  : large enough to satisfy hunger
: having a large amount of material
   b  : having a large amount of hair
: thinking of something all the time
◊ If you are full of yourself, you think of yourself more than you should.
: having a strong and pleasing quality
10  of the moon  : appearing as a bright circle

full blast

— see 1blast

full count

— see 2count

full of beans

— see bean

full of crap/shit

informal + offensive
: not to be believed : saying things that are not true

full of it

informal + sometimes offensive
: not to be believed

full steam/speed ahead

— used to say that something is being done with as much speed and power as possible

have your hands full

— see 1hand

not playing with a full deck

— see 1deck

to the fullest

: in a very active and energetic way

— fullness

Learner's definition of FULL  
: as much as possible : entirely or completely
: directly or squarely

full out

: with as much effort as possible
— see also full-out

full well

: very well
Learner's definition of FULL  

in full

: entirely or completely

to the full

: to a great or complete degree : as much as possible
: in a very active and energetic way
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