1 general /ˈʤɛnrəl/ adjective
1 general
Learner's definition of GENERAL
always used before a noun : of, relating to, or affecting all the people or things in a group
: involving or including many or most people
[more general; most general] : relating to the main or major parts of something rather than the details : not specific
always used before a noun used to indicate that a description relates to an entire person or thing rather than a particular part
always used before a noun : not exact : approximate
always used before a noun : ordinary, normal, or usual
: of the basic or usual kind : not special or specialized
always used before a noun : of high rank : having wide authority or responsibility
see also attorney general, inspector general
2 general /ˈʤɛnrəl/ noun
2 general
Learner's definition of GENERAL

in general

: in a general way used to say that a statement describes your general feeling or opinion
: as a whole
: in most cases : usually
compare 3general
3 general /ˈʤɛnrəl/ noun
plural generals
3 general
plural generals
Learner's definition of GENERAL
: a military officer of very high rank
compare 2general
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