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getsgot/ˈgɑːt/gotor USgotten/ˈgɑːtn̩/getting
getsgot/ˈgɑːt/gotor USgotten/ˈgɑːtn̩/getting
Learner's definition of GET  
[+ object]  : to obtain (something): such as
: to receive or be given (something)
   b  : to obtain (something) through effort, chance, etc.
   c  : to obtain the use or services of (something)
   d  : to earn or gain (something)
   e  : to win (something)
[+ object]  : to buy or pay for (something)
[+ object]  : to go somewhere and come back with (something or someone)
[+ object]  : to send or take (something or someone) to a person or place
always followed by an adverb or preposition[+ object]  : to cause (someone or something) to move or go
   b  always followed by an adverb or preposition[no object]  : to move or go
   c  always followed by an adverb[no object]  : to arrive at a place
[+ object]  : to begin to have (a feeling, an idea, etc.)
[+ object] 
: to become affected by (a disease)
   b  : to suffer (an injury)
[+ object]  : to have or experience (something)
[+ object]  : to cause (a particular reaction)
always followed by an adverb 
10  [no object]  : to make progress in some activity
— see also get ahead (below)
   b  [+ object]  : to cause or help (someone) to make progress
11  [+ object]  : to cause (someone or something) to be in a specified position or condition
12  [+ object]  : to cause (someone or something) to do something — usually followed by to + verb — sometimes + -ing verb
13  [no object]  : to start doing something
— see also get to 1a (below)
14  [no object]  : to have or be given the chance to do something : to be able to do something
15  [+ object]  : to deal with (something that needs attention): such as
: to answer (a telephone)
   b  : to open (a door)
[+ object] 
16  : to understand (something or someone)
   b  : to hear and understand (something)
17  [linking verb]  : become 1
◊ People say how stupid/lucky (etc.) can you get to mean that someone or something is unusually stupid, lucky, etc.
   b  [no object]  : to change in a specified way as time passes — followed by to + verb
18  [no object]  : to do something specified — followed by to + verb
19  [auxiliary verb]  — used like be with the past participle of some verbs to form passive constructions
[+ object] 
20  : to have (a meal)
   b  : to prepare (a meal)
21  [+ object]  : to receive (punishment)
22  [+ object]  : to grip and hold (something or someone)
23  [+ object]  : to find and catch (someone)
24  [+ object]  : to hit (someone)
[+ object] 
25  : to hurt or cause trouble for (someone)
   b  : to cause the death of (someone)
informal [+ object] 
26  : to bother or annoy (someone)
— see also get to 2a (below)
   b  : to make (someone) sad
— see also get to 2b (below)
   c  : to cause (someone) to be fooled or unable to think of an answer
27  [+ object]  : to make a phone call and hear or speak to (a person or answering machine)
28  [+ object]  : to receive (a radio or TV station or channel)
29  [+ object]  : to produce or provide (a level of performance)
30  [+ object]informal  : to notice (someone or something) — often used to direct someone's attention to a person or thing that is seen as foolish, surprising, etc.

get about

— see get around (below)

get above yourself

— see 2above

get across

[phrasal verb]
: to be clearly expressed to and understood by someone
get (something) across or get across (something)  : to express (something) clearly so that it is understood

get after

[phrasal verb]
get after (someone)US, informal 
: to tell (someone) repeatedly to do something

get ahead

[phrasal verb]
: to become more successful

get along

[phrasal verb]
: to be or remain friendly
: to make progress while doing something
: to leave a place
: to become old

get around

[phrasal verb]
or chiefly Britishget about
: to go, walk, or travel to different places
or chiefly Britishget round orget about
: to become known by many people
get around (something) or chiefly British get round (something)  : to avoid being stopped by (something) : to avoid having to deal with (something)
get around to (something) or chiefly British get round to (something)  : to do or deal with (something that you have not yet done or dealt with)

get at

[phrasal verb]
get at (something or someone)  : to reach (something or someone)
get at (something)  : to find out (information that is hidden or hard to know)
get at (something)  : to say or suggest (something) in an indirect way — usually used as getting at
get at (someone)British  : to criticize (someone) repeatedly
get at itUS, informal  : to start doing something

get away

[phrasal verb]
: to go away from a place — often used figuratively
: to go away from your home for a vacation
: to avoid being caught : to escape — often + with — sometimes used figuratively
— see also getaway
get away with (something) 
: to not be criticized or punished for (something) — often used figuratively
   b  : to be given only slight or mild punishment for a crime or for doing something wrong
— see also get away with murder at 1murder

get back

[phrasal verb]
: to return to a place after going away
: to return to an activity, condition, etc. — usually + to
get (something) back or get back (something)  : to get or obtain (something you have lost) again : to recover (something)
get (someone) backinformal or get back at (someone) or British get your own back  : to do something bad or unpleasant to someone who has treated you badly or unfairly
get back to (someone) 
: to talk to or write to (someone) at a later time in order to give more information, answer a question, etc.
   b  : to call (someone) back on the telephone

get back to (the) basics

— see 2basic

get behind

[phrasal verb]
: to fail to do something as quickly as required or expected
get behind (someone or something)  : to support (someone or something)

get by

[phrasal verb]
: to do enough or to do well enough to avoid failure
: to be able to live or to do what is needed by using what you have even though you do not have much — often + on — often + with

get cracking

— see 1crack

get down

[phrasal verb]
get (someone) down  : to cause (someone) to become sad or depressed
get (something) down or get down (something) 
: to swallow (something) : to eat or drink (something)
   b  : to write (something) down
informal  : to play music or dance with skill and enthusiasm
get down to (something) 
: to start to do (something) : to begin to give your attention or effort to (something)
   b  : to talk about or describe (something) in a very simple and accurate way

get even

— see 1even

get going

: to leave
: to start doing something
: to start talking
   b  : to cause (someone) to start talking

get hold of

— see 2hold

get in

[phrasal verb]
: to enter a place
   b  : to arrive at a place
   c  : to arrive home
: to become involved in an activity
: to be chosen or elected for office
get in or get (someone) in  : to be accepted or to cause (someone) to be accepted as a student, member, etc.
get (someone) in  : to have (someone) come to your home, business, etc., to do work
get (something) in or get in (something) 
: to do or say (something) by making an effort
— see also get a word in edgewise at edgewise
   b  : to send or deliver (something) to the proper person or place
   c  : to do (something) in the amount of time that is available
   d  : to harvest (a crop) and put it in a safe or dry place
get in on (something)  : to become involved in (something)
get in with (someone)  : to become friends with (someone)

get into

[phrasal verb]
get into (a place) 
: to enter (a place)
   b  : to arrive at (a place)
get into (something) 
: to become involved in (an activity)
   b  : to begin to be interested in and to enjoy (something)
get into (something) or get (someone) into (something) 
: to be accepted or to cause (someone) to be accepted in (a school, organization, etc.)
   b  : to become involved or to cause (someone) to become involved in (something bad, such as trouble or a fight)
get into (something)  : to talk about (something)
get into (someone)  : to affect the behavior of (someone) — used to say that someone is behaving in an unusual way and you don't know why

get lost

— see 2lost

get lucky

— see lucky

get moving

— see 1move

get off

[phrasal verb]
: to leave at the start of a journey — often used figuratively in the phrase get off to a good/bad (etc.) start
— see also get off on the right/wrong foot at 1foot
get off or get (someone) off 
: to not be punished for a crime : to be judged not guilty of a crime : to help (someone) to be judged not guilty
   b  : to be given or to help (someone) to be given only a slight punishment for a crime — usually + with — sometimes used figuratively
: to stop being on or against someone or something
— see also get 5a
get off (something) or get (someone) off (something)  : to stop talking about (something) or to cause (someone) to stop talking about (something)
get off or get off work  : to finish working and leave the place where you work
get (something) off or get off (something) 
: to write and send (a letter, an e-mail message, etc.)
   b  : to shoot (something) from a gun — sometimes used figuratively
get offchiefly British or get (someone) off  : to fall asleep or to help (someone, such as a baby) to fall asleep
get offUS, informal or get (someone) off  : to have an orgasm or to cause (someone) to have an orgasm
get off on (something)informal + sometimes disapproving  : to enjoy or be excited by (something) especially in a sexual way
10  get off with (someone)British, informal  : to have sex with (someone) : to begin a sexual relationship with (someone)
◊ To tell someone where to get off is to criticize or disagree with someone in a very direct and angry way.
   b  US 
◊ If you don't know where someone gets off (doing something), you are angry because someone has done something that is not right.

get on

[phrasal verb]
get on with (something)  : to continue doing (something)
chiefly British  : to be or remain friendly : to get along
chiefly British 
: to make progress while doing something
   b  : to achieve greater success : to get ahead
get on (something)US  : to start to do or deal with (something)
get on (someone)US  : to criticize (someone) repeatedly
get it onUS slang  : to have sex
get on or get on in years  : to grow old
   b  : to become late
get on for (something)British, informal  : to move toward becoming (a specified age, time, etc.)

get onto

[phrasal verb]orget on to
get onto (something) or get on to (something)  : to start to do or deal with (something) : to start to talk about something
get onto (someone)British or get on to (someone)  : to speak to or write to (someone) about a particular problem, job, etc.

get out

[phrasal verb]
: to leave or escape from a place, a vehicle, etc. — used as an angry way to tell someone to leave
   b  get (someone) out  : to cause or help (someone) to leave or escape
   c  get (something) out or get out (something)  : to remove (something) from storage so that it can be used
: to go to places outside your home for social occasions, events, etc.
: to become known
get (something) out or get out (something)  : to say (something) by making an effort
US, informal  — used in speech to show that you are surprised by something or do not believe it
get out of (something) or get (someone or something) out of (something) 
: to avoid doing (something) or to help (someone) to avoid doing (something)
   b  : to stop having (a habit) or to cause (someone) to stop having (a habit)
   c  : to stop being in or involved in (something) or to cause (someone or something) to stop being in or involved in (something)
get (something) out of (something or someone)  : to take (something) from (something or someone)
get (something) out of (something)  : to gain (something) from (something)

get over

[phrasal verb]
get over (something) 
: to stop being controlled or bothered by (something, such as a problem or feeling)
   b  : to stop feeling unhappy about (something)
   c  informal  — used to say that you are very surprised or impressed by something
get over (an illness)  : to become healthy again after (an illness)
get over (someone)  : to stop feeling unhappy after ending a relationship with (someone)
get (something) over 
orget (something) over with
: to cause or experience the end of (something) : to finish (something)
   b  chiefly British 
orget over (something)
: to express (something) clearly so that it is understood

get real

— see 1real

get rid of

— see rid

get rolling

— see 1roll

get round

— see get around (above)

get the best of

— see 3best

get the better of

— see 3better

get there

: to reach a goal : to do what you are trying to do : to come closer to reaching a goal

get through

[phrasal verb]
chiefly US  : to finish a job or activity
   b  get through (something)  : to do or finish (something, such as an amount of work)
   c  get through (something) or get (someone) through (something)  : to complete or to help (someone) to complete (a test, an exam, etc.) successfully
get through or get through (something) or get (something) through (something)  : to pass through or beyond something that blocks you or slows you down : to cause (something) to pass through or beyond something
get through (something) or get (someone) through (something)  : to have the experience of living through (something that is difficult, dangerous, etc.) : to help (someone) to live through (something)
get through (something)chiefly British  : to spend or use all of (something)
get through or get through to (someone)  : to be clearly expressed to and understood by someone
   b  get through to (someone) or get (something) through to (someone)  : to express something clearly so that it is understood by (someone)
get through or get through to (someone)  : to make a successful telephone call to someone
get through or get through (something)  : to be accepted or approved by an official group

get to

[phrasal verb]
get to (something) 
: to start (doing something)
   b  : to deal with (something)
get to (someone) 
: to bother or annoy (someone)
— see also get 26a (above)
   b  : to make (someone) feel sad
— see also get 26b (above)
   c  chiefly US  : to change or influence the behavior of (someone) wrongly or illegally by making threats, paying money, etc.
get to (somewhere)  : to go to or reach (somewhere)

get together

[phrasal verb]
: to meet and spend time together
   b  : to begin to have a sexual or romantic relationship
   c  get (people) together  : to cause (people) to meet or to have a relationship
: to agree to do or accept something — often + on
get together (things or people) or get (things or people) together  : to collect (things) or gather (people) into one place or group
get your act togetherinformal or get yourself together or get it together 
orget your life together
: to begin to live in a good and sensible way : to stop being confused, foolish, etc.
   b  : to begin to function in a skillful or effective way

get to sleep

: to start sleeping : to fall asleep

get to work

: to start working

get up

[phrasal verb]
get up or get (someone) up  : to rise or to cause (someone) to rise after lying or sleeping in a bed
: to stand up
get (something) up or get up (something) 
: to produce (something, such as courage) in yourself by trying or making an effort
   b  : to prepare or organize (something that involves a group of people)
get it upslang  : to get an erection

get up on the wrong side of the bed

— see 1bed

get what's coming to you

— see 1come

get wind of

— see 1wind

get your bearings

— see bearing

get your goat

— see goat

have got

— see have
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