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Learner's definition of GIVE  
[+ object] 
: to cause or allow someone to have (something) as a present: to make a present of (something)
   b : to cause or allow (something valued or needed) to go to another person, group, etc.
: donate
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to put (something) into someone's hand: to cause someone to hold or possess (something) for a specified reason
[+ object] 
: to provide someone with (something wanted or needed): to allow someone to have (something wanted or needed)
   b : to allow someone to have or take (an amount of time)
[+ object] 
: to treat or regard someone or something with (a particular attitude, feeling, etc.)
   b : to direct (something) toward someone
[+ object] 
: to tell (information) to someone
   b : to express or say (something) to someone
◊ The informal phrase don't give me that is used in speech to show annoyance when someone tells you something that you do not believe or accept.
   c : to show (something)
   d : to offer (something) for consideration or acceptance
[+ object] : to say that someone has or deserves (something)
[+ object] 
: to cause someone to have or experience (something, such as an emotion, a problem, etc.)
   b : to cause someone to become affected by (something, such as an illness)
   c : to cause someone or something to have (a quality)
   d : to cause something to be affected by (something)
[+ object] : to cause someone to get or take (a medicine)
[+ object] 
: to present (a show, speech, etc.) in public
   b : to provide (something) as entertainment or as a social gathering
10 [+ object] : to do (an action)
[+ object] 
11 : to cause someone to experience or suffer (a form of punishment)
   b : to cause someone to undergo or do (something)
◊ To give something thought/consideration (etc.) is to think about it.
◊ To give someone a call/ring/buzz/bell is to make a telephone call to someone.
◊ If you try to do something, you give it a try or (informally) give it a go/shot/stab.
◊ If you would give anything or give your right hand/arm to do or to have something, you want to do or have it very much.
16 [+ object] : to make (something, such as your hand) available for someone
◊ When a woman gives her hand in marriage to a man, she marries him. This is a formal and somewhat old-fashioned expression.
[+ object] 
: pay
: sell
18 [+ object] : to say or judge that someone or something will last for (an amount of time)
19 [+ object]informal : to admit (something) to or about someone
20 [+ object] : to have or produce (something) as a product, result, or effect
21 [+ object]formal : to cause someone to believe or think (something)
◊ To give someone an idea/impression (etc.) is to cause someone to believe or think something.
— followed by to + verb
[no object] 
22 : to bend because of force, pressure, or strain
   b : to break because of force, pressure, or strain
23 [no object] : to stop trying to resist or oppose something: to give in or submit to pressure
[+ object] 
24 — used to indicate a possible or assumed state or condition
   b — used to say what you want to have or would prefer to have
25 [+ object]informal — used in phrases like give a damn to say that you do not care at all about something

give as good as you get

: to be as forceful in fighting or arguing against others as they are in fighting or arguing against you

give away

[phrasal verb]
give (something) away or give away (something) 
: to make a present of (something)
   b : to lose (something) in a careless way
   c : to allow (something hidden or secret) to become known
— see also giveawaygiveaway pricegive the game away at 1game
give (someone) away also give away (someone) 
: to bring (the bride) to the groom at a wedding
   b : to reveal the truth about (someone)

give back

[phrasal verb]
give (something) back or give back (something) 
: to cause someone to have (something) again: to return or restore (something) to someone
— see also giveback

give birth

— see birth

give chase

— see 1chase

give ground

— see 1ground

give in

[phrasal verb]
: to stop trying to fight or resist something: to agree to do or accept something that you have been resisting or opposing— often + to
give (something) inBritish or give in (something) : to give (something) to a person who has authority to review or accept it

give it a rest, give (something) a rest

— see 2rest

give me a break, give (someone) a break

— see 2break

give of

[phrasal verb]
give of yourselfformal or give of your time 
: to use your time and effort to help others

give off

[phrasal verb]
give off (something) 
: to send (light, energy, etc.) out from a source

give on to

[phrasal verb]alsogive onto
give on to (something)British also give onto (something) 
: to provide a view of or a passage to (something)

give or take

— used to indicate that the stated amount is approximate and might be increased or decreased by a specified amount

give out

[phrasal verb]
: to stop working
: to become used up
give out (something) : to produce (noise, light, etc.)
give (something) out or give out (something) : to give (something) to many people: to hand out (something)

give over

[phrasal verb]British, informal
: to stop doing something that is annoying or unpleasant— often + -ing verb

give over to

[phrasal verb]
give (something) over to (someone) 
: to give (something) to (someone) to have, use, do, etc.
give (yourself) over to (something) : to allow (yourself) to be fully affected by, controlled by, or involved in (something)
◊ Something that is given over to a specified purpose is used for that purpose.

give place to

— see 1place

give rise to

— see 2rise

give up

[phrasal verb]
: to stop an activity or effort: to admit that you cannot do something and stop trying
: quit
give (something) up or give up (something) 
: to stop having, doing, or using (something)
   b : to stop trying to do (something)
   c sports : to allow (a score, a hit, etc.) by an opposing team or player
give (yourself) up : to surrender (yourself) as a prisoner
give (someone) up 
: to stop trying to improve the condition of (someone) because it seems hopeless
   b : to stop having hope of seeing (someone)
give (yourself) up to (something) : to allow (yourself) to be fully affected by, controlled by, or involved in (something)
give up on (someone) 
: to stop trying to improve the condition of (someone)
   b : to stop having hope of seeing (someone)
give up on (something) : to stop trying to do or achieve (something)

give up the ghost

— see 1ghost

give way

— see 1way

What gives?

— used to ask the reason for something
Learner's definition of GIVE  
: the ability of a material to bend or stretch
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