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Learner's definition of HAND  
: the body part at the end of your arm that includes your fingers and thumb
   b  — used in some phrases to refer to a person
hands [plural]  : power, possession, or control
[singular]  : physical help : assistance in doing something — often + with
— see also helping hand
[count]  : a long, thin part that points to a number on a clock or dial
[noncount]somewhat old-fashioned  : a promise of marriage
[singular]  : the act of hitting your hands together to show approval, appreciation, etc. : the act of applauding
: the cards that are held by a player in a card game — often used figuratively
— see also overplay your hand at overplay
   b  : a single round of play in a card game
: a hired worker
— see also farmhand, old hand, stagehand
   b  : a member of a ship's crew — usually plural
[count]  : someone who performs or produces something (such as a work of art) — usually singular
10  [singular]  : a particular way or style of doing or handling something
— see also heavy-handed
11  [singular]old-fashioned  : the way a person's writing looks : a type of handwriting
12  [count]  : a unit of measure equal to 4 inches (about 10.16 centimeters) and used especially to measure the height of horses

a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

— see bird

a show of hands

— see 2show

at first hand

— see 1first

at hand

: close in distance or time

at the hand(s) of

: by or through the action of (someone or something)

by hand

: with the hands
: from one person directly to another

by the hand

: by holding someone's hand — sometimes used figuratively

by your own hand

: by your own actions

change hands

— see 1change

eat out of someone's hand

— see eat

fall into the hands of

— see 1fall

fall into the wrong hands

— see 1fall

force someone's hand

— see 2force

get your hands dirty

— see 1dirty

get/lay your hands on

: to find, get, or control (someone or something)

give your right hand

— see 1give

good with your hands

: skillful at things that require the use of your hands

grease the hand of

— see 2grease

hand and foot

— used to describe someone whose hands and feet are tied to prevent escape or movement
◊ To wait on someone hand and foot is to provide everything that someone needs or wants.

hand in glove

: very closely

hand in hand

: holding hands : grasping another person's hand
— used to say that two people or things are very closely connected or related

hand over fist

— used to say that someone is earning or losing money very quickly or in large amounts

hands are tied

◊ If your hands are tied you cannot do anything about a situation because you do not have the power to act freely.

hands off

— used as a command to tell someone not to touch something

hand to mouth

: without much money : in poverty
— see also hand-to-mouth

hat in hand

(US)or Britishcap in hand
: asking or begging for something in a respectful way

have a hand in

: to be involved in (something)

have someone in the palm of your hand

— see 1palm

have your hands full

: to be very busy

heavy on your hands

— see 2heavy

hold hands

orhold someone's hand
: to hold a person's hand in one of your hands for a period of time
: to guide someone through a process by carefully explaining each step

in good/safe hands

: being taken care of very well

in hand

: in your possession or control
◊ To take someone in hand is to begin to guide or direct someone who has been behaving badly.
chiefly British  : available for use

join hands

— see join

keep your hand in

: to continue to be involved in some activity

keep/get your hands off (of)

: to not touch (something) — often used figuratively

know (something) like the back of your hand

— see 1know

lay a hand on

: to touch or harm (someone)

off your hands

: no longer in your possession or no longer your responsibility

on hand

: available for use
: present and available to do something

on the one hand, on the other hand

— used to introduce statements that describe two different or opposite ideas, people, etc.

on your hands

— used to say that you have something or are responsible for something
— see also blood on your hands at blood

on your hands and knees

: with your hands and knees on the ground : in a crawling position

out of hand

: very quickly without serious thought
: not controlled

out of your hands

— used to say that you cannot control something

play into someone's hands

— see 1play

putty in your hands

— see 1putty

safe pair of hands

: someone who can be trusted with responsibility or a job

sit on your hands

— see 1sit

take (something) into your (own) hands

: to take control of something

to hand

: available for use

try your hand

: to try to do something — usually + at

turn your hand to

: to begin doing (something) usually in a skillful way : to start (a new activity, field of study, etc.)

wash your hands of

— see 1wash

with your bare hands

: using only your hands and no tools or weapons
Learner's definition of HAND  
[+ object]
: to give (something) to someone using your hands

hand back

[phrasal verb]
hand (something) back or hand back (something) 
: to return (something) by handing it to someone

hand down

[phrasal verb]
hand (something) down or hand down (something) 
: to pass (something) from a person who is older (such as a parent) to a person who is younger (such as a child)
chiefly US, law  : to form and express (a decision or opinion) in writing

hand in

[phrasal verb]
hand (something) in or hand in (something) 
: to give (something) to a person who will review or accept it

hand it to

: to give credit to (someone) for doing something

hand off

[phrasal verb]
hand (something) offUS or hand off (something) 
: to give (something) to another person

hand on

[phrasal verb]
hand (something) onformal or hand on (something) 
: to pass (something) from one person to another

hand out

[phrasal verb]
hand (something) out or hand out (something) 
: to give (something) to several or many people

hand over

[phrasal verb]
hand (someone or something) over or hand over (someone or something) 
: to give up control or possession of (something or someone)
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