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pluralheadsor in sense 6head
pluralheadsor in sense 6head
Learner's definition of HEAD  
[count] : the part of the body containing the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
— see picture at humansee also talking head
[count] : a person's mental ability: mind or intellect
◊ If you have a good head on your shoulders, you are intelligent and have good judgment.
When you get/take it into your head to do something, you suddenly decide to do it in a way that seems foolish or surprising.
If you get it into your head that something is true, you begin to believe something even though there is no good reason for believing it.
[count] : a person who has a specified mental or emotional quality
— see also hotheadsorehead
[singular] : a distance equal to the length of a head
[count] : the front side of a coin: the side of a coin that shows a picture of a person's head— usually used in the plural to refer to one of the two choices you can make when a coin is thrown in the air to decide something
— compare 1tail 3
head [plural] : individual animals
: an end of something that is like a head in shape or position— usually singular— often + of
— compare foot
   b : the part of an object that hits or touches something else— often + of
— see also arrowheadspearheadwarhead
[noncount] : the position of being a leader
: a person who leads or directs a group or organization— often + of— often used before another noun
   b chiefly British 
10 [count] : a tight mass of leaves or flowers on a plant
11 [count] : the place where a stream or river begins— usually singular
12 [singular] : pressure caused by the water or steam in a machine
◊ When an engine has a full head of steam, it has built up a full amount of power. This phrase is often used figuratively to describe something that is moving forward in a fast and powerful way.
13 [count] : the bubbles that form on the top of some liquids (such as beer)— usually singular
14 [singular] : the point at which a situation becomes very serious or when action is required
15 [count] : a small, inflamed area on the skin with a spot in the middle
— see also blackhead

a big/swelled head

: an overly high opinion of yourself

a head

: for each person

a price on someone's head

— see 1price

bang heads together

— see 1bang

bite someone's head off

— see 1bite

butt heads

— see 3butt

count heads

— see 1count

eyes in the back of your head

— see 1eye

get it through someone's head

: to cause someone to learn and remember something

get it through your head

: to accept or understand (something)

get your head round

: to understand (something)

go over someone's head

: to discuss something with a person who is higher in rank than someone else

go to your head

of an alcoholic drink : to make you feel drunk
: to make you believe that you are better than other people

have a head for

: to have an ability to understand or deal with (something)

have/get your head (screwed) on right/straight

: to think or act in a smart and sensible way

head and shoulders above

— used to say that someone or something is much better than others

head in the sand

◊ If you bury/have/hide (etc.) your head in the sand, you ignore something unpleasant that you should be dealing with.

head over heels

: very deeply in love

heads roll

◊ If you say that heads will roll or (less commonly) heads are going to roll, you mean that people will be severely punished or will lose their jobs because of something that has happened.

hit the nail on the head

— see 1hit

hold up your head

orhold your head (up) high
: to be proud: to not feel ashamed

keep your head

: to remain calm

keep your head above water

: to avoid financial failure while having money problems

keep your head down

: to behave in a quiet way that does not attract attention

knock heads

— see 1knock

knock someone's head off

— see 1knock

knock some sense into someone's head

— see 1sense

knock (something) on the head

— see 1knock

lose your head

: to become very upset or angry

not make head or/nor tail of

informalor USnot make heads or/nor tails (out) of
: to be unable to understand (something)

off the top of your head

— see 1top

off your head

British, informal
: crazy or foolish

on your head

: with the upper and lower parts of your body reversed in position
: in or into great disorder
— used to say that you will be blamed for something

out of your head

: unable to act or think in a reasonable and controlled way because of drunkenness or strong emotion

over your head

: beyond your understanding or ability

per head

: for each person

put/stick/raise your head above the parapet

— see parapet

put your heads together

: to think of a solution to a problem with another person

rear/raise its ugly head

◊ If something bad rears/raises its ugly head, it suddenly becomes obvious or causes trouble.

scratch your head

: to be confused about something and unable to understand the reason for it

scream/shout/yell/laugh (etc.) your head off

: to scream/shout/yell/laugh (etc.) very loudly or for a long time

shake your head

— see 1shake

two heads are better than one

— used to say that it is easier for two people who help each other to solve a problem than it is for one person to solve a problem alone

turn heads

: to attract attention or notice
Learner's definition of HEAD  
[+ object] 
: to be the leader of (something)— often + up
   b : to be first on (a list)
always followed by an adverb or preposition[no object] : to go in a specified direction or toward a specified place
◊ To be heading or headed somewhere is to be going or directed somewhere.
— often + for— often used figuratively
[+ object]soccer : to hit (the ball) with your head

head off

[phrasal verb]
: to go to another place
head (someone) off or head off (someone) : to stop (someone) from moving forward
head (something) off or head off (something) : to prevent (something) from happening
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