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Learner's definition of HEAT  
[noncount] : energy that causes things to become warmer
[noncount] : hot weather or temperatures— often used with the
: the level of temperature that is used to cook something
— usually singular
   b [singular] : a source of heat used for cooking something: the hot part of an oven, stove top, etc.
[noncount]chiefly US : the system that is used to provide warmth to a room or building
: strong and often angry feelings
   b : the time when emotions are most strongly felt— used in phrases like in the heat of passion, in the heat of the moment, etc.
— see also in the heat of (the) battle at 1battle
chiefly US, informal 
the heat : pressure to do something
◊ The expression if you can't stand/take the heat, get out of the kitchen means that you should not try to do a difficult job if you cannot deal with the pressure and problems that are part of the job.
   b [noncount] : criticism or abuse
[count] : one of several races or contests that are held in order to decide who will be in the final race or contest
— see also dead heat

in heat

(US)or Britishon heat
— used to describe a female animal that is ready to have sex and is able to become pregnant

more heat than light

◊ To produce or generate more heat than light means to cause anger without helping to make something better understood.

pack heat

US slang, old-fashioned + humorous
: to carry a gun
— see also prickly heat

— heatless

Learner's definition of HEAT  
[+ object]
: to cause (something) to become warm or hot

heat up

[phrasal verb]
: to become warm or hot
: to become more active, intense, or angry
heat (something) up or heat up (something) : to cause (something) to become warm or hot
— see also preheat
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