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Learner's definition of HERE  
: in this place : at this location — used in speech when something is found
   b  : to or into this place
: at this point in a process, activity, story, etc.
   b  : in the matter that is being considered : in this case
   c  : appearing or happening now
informal  — used to make a statement about the present situation or subject more forceful
   b  informal  — used after a noun to emphasize which person, thing, etc. you are referring to
   c  — used when you are giving something to someone

from here on (out)

US, informal
: from this time forward

here and now

: at the present time — often used in the phrase the here and now

here and there

: in different places

here goes

informalor chiefly UShere goes nothing
— used when you are about to try doing something new, difficult, or unpleasant

here is

— used in speech and informal writing to introduce a person, subject, or action

here's to

— used to express good wishes for someone, to say you are pleased about something, etc., before you drink something — used for making a toast to someone or something

here, there, and everywhere

: in many different places : all over

here to stay

: likely to last or be present for a long time

here we go

— used when something is just beginning to happen or move

here you go (again)

— see 1go

neither here nor there

: not important or interesting

out of here

informaloroutta here
— used to say that you are leaving

up to here

— see 2up
Learner's definition of HERE  
— used to say that you are present
— used for emphasis or to attract someone's attention
— used in calling a pet to you
Learner's definition of HERE  
: this point
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