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Learner's definition of HIGH  
: rising or extending upward a great distance
— opposite low
   b  : extending or reaching upward more than other things of the same kind
— opposite low
   c  : located far above the ground or another surface
— opposite low
   d  : having a specified height
— see also sky-high
   e  always used before a noun  : rising above surrounding land
— opposite low
: greater than usual in amount, number, or degree
— opposite low
   b  : near or at the top of a range
— opposite low
: very favorable
— opposite low
   b  : very good
— opposite low
   c  : morally good
— opposite low
: above others in power, importance, etc.
— opposite low
: not low in sound : occurring near the top of the musical scale
— opposite low
always used before a noun  : very strong or forceful
: having qualities that appeal to intelligent people
— opposite low
always used before a noun  : filled with the most activity
always used before a noun  : of or relating to people who have and spend a lot of money on travel, good food, etc. : rich and luxurious
10  : very exciting or intense
11  of a river, stream, etc.  : rising farther up the banks than usual : having more water than usual
— opposite low
12  not used before a nouninformal  : intoxicated by alcohol or drugs — often + on

come hell or high water

— see hell

high and mighty

: having or showing the insulting attitude of people who believe that they are better or more important than other people
the high and (the) mighty  : people who are important and powerful

high in

: containing a large amount of (something)

high on

US, informal
: excited or enthusiastic about (someone or something)

in high dudgeon

— see dudgeon

it's high time

◊ If it's high time to do something, it is time to do something that should have been done a long time ago.

pay a high price

— see 1pay

to high heaven(s)

— see heaven
hightall,  and lofty mean being above the usual level in height.
high is used for things and not people, and it refers to distance from the ground or some other surface.
tall is used for both people and things.
lofty is a literary word that is used for something that rises to a very great or impressive height.
Learner's definition of HIGH  
: at or to a high place or level
: at a high rate
: at a high price
informal  : in a rich manner : in the manner of people who have and spend a lot of money

be riding high

— see 1ride

fly high

— see 1fly

high and dry

: in a helpless position : without help or protection

high and low

: everywhere

high off the hog

US, informalorhigh on the hog
: in a luxurious style

hold your head (up) high

— see 1head

run high

— see 1run

set the bar higher

— see 1bar
Learner's definition of HIGH  
[count]  : a high point or level
[noncount]US  : a gear that is used for faster speeds of travel in a vehicle
— called also "US"high gear
[count]informal  : a state of intoxication produced by a drug
[count]weather  : an area of high atmospheric pressure

from on high

: from God or heaven
   b  : from people with power or authority
: from a high place

on a high

: feeling happy and excited
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