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Learner's definition of HOUSE  
[count]  : a building in which a family lives — often used before another noun
   b  [singular]  : the people who live in a house
: a structure or shelter in which animals are kept
— see also birdhouse, doghouse, henhouse
   b  : a building in which something is stored
— see also boathouse, warehouse
[count]  : a building where students or members of a religious group live
[count]  : a group of people who meet to discuss and make the laws of a country
   b  the House  : house of representatives
: a specified kind of business
   b  : a place or building where a specified kind of activity or entertainment occurs : a place where an illegal activity occurs
— see also opera house
   c  : a particular kind of restaurant
◊ A house wine is a basic wine that is always available in a restaurant. A house salad and a house (salad) dressing are the regular salad and dressing in a U.S. restaurant.
— see also coffeehouse, steak house
[count]  : the audience in a theater or concert hall
◊ To bring down the house or to bring the house down is to get great approval and applause or laughter from an audience.
House [count]  : a royal or noble family including ancestors and all the people who are related to them
[noncount]  : a type of electronic dance music with a heavy, regular beat
— called also house music

clean house

: to clean the floors, furniture, etc., inside a house
: to make important basic changes in an organization, business, etc., in order to correct problems

(from) house to house

◊ If you go (from) house to house, you go to each house or apartment in an area and do or ask for something.
— see also house-to-house

house in order

◊ To put/get/set (etc.) your house in order is to improve or correct the way you do things.

keep house

: to do the work that is needed to take care of a house
— see also housekeeper, housekeeping

like a house on fire

: extremely well

on the house

: without charge : free

people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

— see 1glass

play house

◊ When children play house they pretend that they are adults and that they are doing the things that adults do in a house, such as cooking and serving food.

set up house

: to become settled in a house where you are going to live

— houseful

Learner's definition of HOUSE  
[+ object]
: to provide shelter or a living space for (someone) — often used as (be) housed
: to be a shelter for (something) : to store or contain (something) — often used as (be) housed
: to surround or enclose (something) in order to protect it
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