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1in/ˈɪn, ən/preposition
/ˈɪn, ən/
Learner's definition of IN  
— used to indicate location or position within something
: to the inside of (a room, container, etc.)
— used to indicate that someone or something belongs to or is included as part of something
   b  — used to indicate the existence of something or someone within a story, movie, etc.
: during (a period of time, a season, etc.)
   b  : at the end of (a period of time)
   c  — used to indicate an approximate age or number
— used to indicate the method, materials, or form of something
   b  — used to indicate the color of something
— used to indicate the state or condition of someone or something
   b  : to a specified state, condition, or form
— used to indicate how people or things are arranged
— used to indicate the conditions that are around someone or something
: while or as a result of (doing something)
10  — used to indicate the manner or purpose of something
11  — used to make a statement or description more limited or specific in meaning
12  — used to indicate the person who is being described
13  — used to indicate the object of a belief, opinion, or feeling
14  — used to indicate a job or area of activity
15  — used to indicate the existence of something as a part of someone's character
16  : wearing (something) as clothes
17  — used to describe how common something is by comparing a smaller number to a larger number
Learner's definition of IN  
: to or toward the inside of something (such as a building)
: to or toward a place
   b  : at the place where someone or something arrives after traveling
: at or inside a home, office, etc.
: at or to a location that is near to something or that seems near to something
: in a way that will blend into or join with something
   b  : to or at a proper or indicated place
   c  : in a way that will agree or be in harmony
: in a way that surrounds something or someone or prevents something or someone from leaving — sometimes used in combination
: in the position of someone who is involved or participating in something
: in or into a position or job
: in a friendly relationship with someone
also  : in a specified sort of relationship
10  : present or in your possession and available for use
11  sports  : inside the area where players or the ball must stay in sports like tennis, basketball, and American football : not out of bounds

all in

: very tired

in for

: sure to experience (something)
— see also have it in for at have

in for it

— see 1for

in on

◊ If you are in on something you have knowledge about it or are involved in it.

in that

— used to introduce a statement that explains or gives more specific information about what you have just said
Learner's definition of IN  
: popular or fashionable
: aware of and strongly influenced by what is new and fashionable
— see also in-group, in-joke
Learner's definition of IN  
[count]chiefly US, informal
: a way of becoming involved in something or of influencing someone
— see also ins and outs
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