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Learner's definition of KICK  
[+ object]  : to hit (someone or something) with your foot
   b  : to move your leg or legs in the air or in water especially in a strong or forceful way
[+ object]
[no object]
— often used figuratively
[+ object]sports  : to score (a goal) by kicking a ball
[+ object]informal  : to completely stop doing (something harmful to yourself) : to put an end to (a bad or dangerous habit)
[no object]informal  : to be full of life and energy — always used as (be) kicking

kick around

[phrasal verb]informal
kick around (a place) or kick around  : to spend time in (a place) without having a goal or purpose : to wander around (a place)
: to be lying somewhere within a general area or place
: to be considered or discussed in an informal way over a period of time
   b  kick around (something) or kick (something) around  : to consider or talk about (ideas, plans, etc.) in an informal way
kick (someone) around or kick around (someone)  : to treat (someone) in a very bad or unfair way

kick ass

US, informal + impolite
: to succeed or win in a very impressive way
: to use force to achieve some purpose
kick someone's ass 
: to attack and injure someone severely
   b  : to defeat someone easily or completely
— see also kick-ass

kick back

[phrasal verb]chiefly US, informal
: to relax and enjoy yourself

kick butt

US, informal + sometimes impolite
— used in the same ways as kick ass (above)

kick in

[phrasal verb]informal
: to begin to work or to have an effect
kick in (something)US or kick (something) in  : to give (an amount of money) as your share : contribute

kick off

[phrasal verb]
: to start play in a game (such as American football or soccer) by kicking the ball
— see also kickoff
kick off (something) or kick (something) off  : to begin (something, such as a performance, an event, or a discussion)
   b  : to get started : begin
kick (someone) off (something)  : to force (someone) to leave (a team or group)
kick off (your shoes) or kick (your shoes) off  : to remove (your shoes) by making a kicking motion
informal  : to die

kick out

[phrasal verb]
kick (someone) out or kick out (someone) 
: to force (someone) to leave a place, group, school, etc.

kick (someone) upstairs

: to promote (someone) to a higher but less powerful or important position

kick the bucket

informal + somewhat old-fashioned
: to die

kick up

[phrasal verb]
kick up (something) or kick (something) up  : to cause (something) to rise upward
kick up (something) or kick (something) up  : to cause (something) to become stronger
   b  : to become stronger
kick up (something)informal or kick (something) up  : to cause (something) to happen

kick up your heels

US, informal
: to relax and enjoy yourself : to have a good and lively time

kick yourself

: to blame or criticize yourself for something you have done
Learner's definition of KICK  
: an act of hitting someone or something with your foot : a sudden forceful movement with your foot
   b  : an act of hitting a ball with your foot
: a sudden forceful movement — usually singular
   b  informal  : a quality that produces a sudden powerful effect — usually singular
informal  : a feeling or source of pleasure
informal  — used with on to say that someone is doing a lot of something for usually a brief period of time
: an increase in speed at the end of the race

a kick in the teeth

: something that is very shocking and disappointing
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