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Learner's definition of KNOCK  
[no object]  : to hit something (such as a door) with the knuckles of your hand or with a hard object (such as a knocker) in order to get people's attention — usually + on — sometimes used figuratively
always followed by an adverb, adjective, or preposition[+ object]  : to hit (something or someone) in a forceful way
always followed by an adverb or preposition  : to touch or hit someone or something in a way that is not planned or intended
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object]  : to make (something, such as a hole) by hitting something
[+ object]informal  : to criticize (someone or something)
[no object]  : to produce a repeated loud noise

heart is knocking

◊ If your heart is knocking it is beating very hard, usually because you are nervous or excited.

knees are knocking

◊ If your knees are knocking they are shaking because you are nervous or afraid.

knock around

[phrasal verb]informalalso Britishknock about
knock around/about (a place) or knock around/about  : to spend time in (a place) without having a goal or purpose : to wander around (a place)
   b  knock around/about with (someone)British  : to spend time with (another person)
: to be considered or discussed in an informal way over a period of time
   b  knock around (something) or knock (something) around  : to consider or talk about (ideas, plans, etc.) in an informal way
knock (someone) around/about  : to beat or hit (someone) badly or repeatedly — often used figuratively
chiefly British  : to be lying somewhere within a general area or place

knock back

knock (something) back or knock back (something)  : to drink or swallow (an alcoholic drink) quickly
knock (someone) back  : to cost (someone) a lot of money

knock down

[phrasal verb]
knock (someone or something) down or knock down (someone or something) 
: to cause (someone or something) to fall to the ground
   b  British  : to hit and injure or kill (a person or animal) with a vehicle
knock (something) down or knock down (something)  : to reduce or lower (a price, an amount, etc.)
   b  knock (someone) down  : to cause or persuade (someone) to reduce a price
knock down (an amount of money)US, informal  : to receive (an amount of money) as income or salary
knock down (a shot)basketball or knock (a shot) down  : to succeed in making (a shot) especially from a long distance
knock (something) downchiefly US, informal or knock down (something)  : to say no to (an idea, plan, proposal, etc.) : reject
knock (something) downUS or knock down (something)  : to take (something) apart

knock heads

US, informal
: to argue or disagree
: to use angry or forceful methods to control or punish people — often + together

knock in

[phrasal verb]
knock (a run or runner) inbaseball or knock in (a run or runner) 
: to cause (a run or runner) to score

knock off

[phrasal verb]informal
knock off or knock (something) off or knock off (something)  : to stop doing something (such as work) — often used as a command to tell someone to stop doing something immediately
knock (something) off or knock off (something) 
: to do or make (something) very quickly
   b  : to take (an amount) away from something
   c  US  : to steal money or things from (a bank or store)
   d  chiefly British  : to steal (something)
   e  US  : to make a cheaper copy of (something)
— see also knockoff
knock (someone) off or knock off (someone) 
: to kill (someone)
   b  US  : to defeat (someone)

knock on wood

— see 1wood

knock out

[phrasal verb]
knock (someone or something) out or knock out (someone or something) 
: to make (a person or animal) unconscious
   b  boxing  : to defeat (an opponent) with a punch that knocks the opponent down for a certain amount of time
— see also 1knockout 1
   c  : to defeat (an opponent) in a competition so that the opponent cannot continue
   d  baseball  : to cause (a pitcher) to be removed from the game by getting many hits
knock (something) out or knock out (something) 
: to cause (something) to stop working
   b  : to produce (something) very quickly
knock (yourself) outinformal 
: to make (yourself) very tired by doing work
   b  US  — used to tell someone to go ahead and do something
knock (someone) outinformal  : to make a very strong and good impression on (someone)
— see also 1knockout 2

knock over

[phrasal verb]
knock (someone or something) over or knock over (someone or something) 
: to cause (someone or something) to fall to the ground
   b  British  : to hit and injure or kill (a person or animal) with a vehicle
knock (someone) overinformal or knock over (someone)  : to greatly surprise or shock (someone)
knock (something) overUS, informal or knock over (something) 
: to steal money or things from (a bank or store)
   b  : to steal (something)

knock (someone) cold

: to cause (someone) to become unconscious

knock (someone) dead

: to make a very strong and good impression on (someone)

knock (someone) for a loop

— see 1loop

knock (someone) for six

— see six

knock someone's head/block off

: to hit someone very hard

knock (someone) sideways

: to upset, confuse, or shock (someone) very much

knock some sense into

— see 1sense

knock (something) on the head

British, informal
: to cause the end or failure of (something)

knock spots off

— see 1spot

knock the (living) daylights out of

— see daylight

knock the stuffing out of

— see stuffing

knock together

[phrasal verb]
knock (something) together or knock together (something) 
: to make or build (something) in a quick or careless way

knock up

[phrasal verb]
knock (someone) upinformal or knock up (someone) 
chiefly US, impolite  : to make (someone) pregnant
   b  British  : to wake (someone) by knocking on a door
knock (something) upBritish or knock up (something)  : to make or produce (something) quickly

knock your socks off

— see 1sock
Learner's definition of KNOCK  
: a hard, sharp hit
   b  : the sound made by a hard hit
[count]informal  : an experience that makes you less confident or successful for a period of time : a difficult or painful experience
— see also hard knocks (below)
[count]informal  : a critical or negative comment — often used in U.S. English in the phrase the knock against
: a loud noise produced by an engine when it is not working properly

hard knocks

: difficult or painful experiences that people have in their lives or careers
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