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Learner's definition of LEAD  
: to guide someone to a place especially by going in front
[no object]
[+ object]
— often + to — often used as (be) led — often used figuratively
   b  [+ object]  : to go or be at the front part of (something)
[no object]  : to lie or go in a specified direction — often used figuratively
: to guide the actions of a person or group : to be in charge of a person, group, activity, etc.
[no object]
[+ object]
[+ object]  : to cause (a person, group, etc.) to do something or to follow some course of action — usually followed by to or to + verb
: to be first, best, or ahead in a race or competition
[no object]
[+ object]
— often used figuratively
[+ object]  : to go through (life) in a certain way : to have (a specified kind of life)
: to begin play in a card game with (a certain card or kind of card)
[+ object]
[no object]
[no object]  : to guide a dance partner through the steps of a dance
[+ object]law  : to ask (a witness) a question in a way that suggests what the answer should be : to ask (a witness) a leading question

lead off

[phrasal verb]
lead off or lead (something) off or lead off (something) 
: to start something (such as an activity or performance) in a specified way
baseball  : to be the first batter in an inning
— see also leadoff

lead on

[phrasal verb]
lead (someone) on 
: to cause (someone) to wrongly continue believing or doing something

lead someone a merry chase

(US)old-fashionedor Britishlead someone a (merry) dance
: to cause a series of troubles or worries for (someone)

lead someone (around) by the nose

— see 1nose

lead someone down/up the garden path

: to deceive someone : to cause someone to go, think, or proceed wrongly

lead the way

: to be the first person to go somewhere — often used figuratively

lead to

[phrasal verb]
lead to (something) 
: to result in (something)
— see also 1lead 1a, 4 (above)

lead up to

[phrasal verb]
lead up to (something) 
: to occur in the time that comes before (something)
: to come before and help to cause (something)
: to come before and help to introduce (something)

lead with

[phrasal verb]
lead with (something) 
: to begin something (such as a story or speech) with (something specified)
: to begin a series of punches in boxing with (a punch thrown by a specified hand)

the blind leading the blind

— see 1blind
Learner's definition of LEAD  
the lead 
: a position that is ahead of others
   b  : a position that is ahead of others in a race or competition — often used figuratively
[count]  : the amount or distance by which someone or something is ahead in a race or competition — usually singular
[count]  : a piece of information that could help produce a desired result
especially  : a piece of information that might help in solving a crime
: the main role in a movie or play
also  : someone who plays the main role in movie or play
   b  : the main performer in a group — usually used before another noun
: the beginning part of a news story
   b  : the most important news story in a newspaper or broadcast
[count]baseball  : a position taken by a runner at a distance from a base before a pitch is thrown
[count]chiefly British  : 1leash
[count]chiefly British  : a wire that carries electricity from a source to an electrical device (such as a lamp or radio) : an electrical cord

follow someone's lead

: to do the same thing that someone else has done
— compare 3lead
Learner's definition of LEAD  
[noncount]  : a heavy and soft metal that has a gray color — often used before another noun
: a thin stick of dark material used in pencils to make marks
[noncount]chiefly US, informal  : bullets

get the lead out

US, informal
: to begin going or moving more quickly

go over/down like a lead balloon

— see 1balloon
— compare 2lead
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