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leansleanedor Britishleant/ˈlɛnt/leaning
leansleanedor Britishleant/ˈlɛnt/leaning
Learner's definition of LEAN  
[no object] : to bend or move from a straight position
   b [+ object] : to cause (something) to bend or move from a straight position
[no object] : to rest on or against something or someone for support
   b [+ object] : to cause (something) to rest on or against something
— used to describe what someone wants to do, tends to do, or is likely to do— often + toward
   b — used to say that someone supports one group or set of beliefs more than another— often + toward
   c — used to say that something is more like one thing than another— often + toward

lean on

[phrasal verb]
lean on (someone or something) : to depend on (someone or something) for support
lean on (someone)informal : to force or try to force (someone) to do something especially by making threats: to put pressure on (someone)

lean over backward

— see 1backward
Learner's definition of LEAN  
[also more lean; most lean]
: not having much fat on the body: physically thin, strong, and healthy
: containing little or no fat
: not having or producing much money, food, etc.
usually approving : not using a lot of something (such as words or money): not wasteful

— leanness

leanthin,  and skinny mean not having much fat on the body.
lean suggests a lack of unnecessary fat and may also suggest the muscular body of an athlete.
thin can describe a person whose lack of fat is unhealthy, but it also often describes a person who is considered attractive.
skinny describes a person who has an extremely thin appearance and who may not be healthy or eat enough food.
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