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Learner's definition of LIGHT  
[noncount] : the form of energy that makes it possible to see things: the brightness produced by the sun, by fire, a lamp, etc.— sometimes used figuratively
: a source of light (such as an electric lamp)
— see also nightlight
   b : a light on a vehicle
[singular] : a way of showing or understanding something or someone
[count] : a light or set of lights used to control traffic
[singular]informal : a flame for lighting a cigarette
— see also see the light of day (below)
[singular] : a quality in a person's eyes that shows emotion
lights [plural] 
: light colors: colors that are more white than black
   b : light-colored clothes

according to your lights

: according to your idea of what is right

a light at the end of the tunnel

: a reason to believe that a bad situation will end soon or that a long and difficult job will be finished soon

bring (something) to light

: to tell people about (something): to make (something) known

cast/shed/throw light on

: to help to explain (something): to make it possible to understand or know more about (something)

come to light

: to become known

hide your light under a bushel

— see bushel

in someone's light

: blocking the light that someone needs to see or read something

in the cold light of day

— see 1cold

in the light of

or USin light of
: while thinking about (something that affects the way you see or understand things)
: because of (something)

light dawns

◊ When people suddenly understand something that they had not understood before, (a/the) light dawns (on them).

more heat than light

— see 1heat

out like a light

: asleep

punch someone's lights out

— see 1punch

see the light

: to suddenly understand or realize the truth of something

see the light of day

: to be seen or used
: to become publicly known

set light to

chiefly British
: to cause (something) to begin burning

the light of your life

: a person you love very much and who makes you happy

trip the light fantastic

— see 2trip
— see also green lightleading lightnorthern lightssouthern lightssweetness and light at sweetness
Learner's definition of LIGHT  
: not dark or deep in color
: pale
: having a lot of light
: bright
   b : having the light of the day
— compare 4light
Learner's definition of LIGHT  
[+ object] : to provide light for (something)
[+ object] : to cause (something) to burn
— see also light up 3 (below)
   b [no object] : to begin to burn

light a fire under (someone)

US, informal
: to cause (someone) to move or work more quickly and effectively

light into

[phrasal verb]
light into (someone)US, informal 
: to attack or criticize (someone) forcefully

light on/upon

[phrasal verb]
light on/upon (something) 
: to find or see (something) by chance

light out

[phrasal verb]US, informal
: to leave in a hurry for someplace

light up

[phrasal verb]
of a light : to become lit: to begin shining— often used figuratively
   b informal, of a telephone : to show a light indicating that someone is calling
light (something) up or light up (something) : to provide light for (something): to fill (something) with light— often used figuratively
informal : to light a cigarette
Learner's definition of LIGHT  
: not heavy: having little weight or less than usual weight
   b : small in size and weight
: less in amount or degree than usual
   b : not strong or violent
   c : not great or large
   d : not difficult to accept or bear: not harsh or severe
   e : slight or minor in degree or effect
— opposite heavy
: not involving a lot of physical effort
— opposite heavy
: not loud or forceful
— opposite heavy
: not important or serious: intended mainly for entertainment
— opposite heavy
: not dense and thick
— opposite heavy
: made with thin cloth and not very warm
— opposite heavy
: eating, drinking, or using a small amount of something
   b : producing a small amount of something
   c : not done often or in large amounts
— opposite heavy
: not having a large amount of food: not making your stomach feel full
   b : made with fewer calories or with less of some ingredient than usual
   c : not rich, dense, or thick
— opposite heavy
10 : designed to carry a small load or few passengers
   b : not as large and powerful as other weapons, machines, etc.
   c of a group of soldiers : having fewer and smaller weapons and less armor than other groups but able to move quickly

light on

: having or using a small amount of (something)

light on your feet

: capable of moving in a quick and graceful way

light sleeper

: someone who wakes up easily

make light of

: to treat (something, such as a problem) in a joking way: to not be serious about (something important)
— compare 2light

— lightness

Learner's definition of LIGHT  

eat light

: to eat foods that will not cause you to gain weight

travel light

: to travel with little baggage
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