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Learner's definition of LINE  
: a long narrow mark on a surface
   b : a mark on the ground that shows the edge of the playing area in a sport
[count] : an area or border that separates two places— often used figuratively
: a group of people or things that are next to each other in a row
   b US : a group of people, vehicles, etc., that are in front of and behind each other in a row while they wait to move forward
◊ In most areas of the U.S., it is usual to say that people are (waiting/standing) in line for something.
In some areas, especially in and near New York City, on line is used instead.
[count] : the outline of a figure, body, or surface— often plural
[count] : a long and thin rope, string, etc.
: a pipe for carrying something (such as steam, water, or oil)
— see also pipeline
   b : a wire or set of wires that carries electricity or a telephone signal
[count] : a telephone connection
[count] : a row of words, letters, numbers, or symbols written across a page
also : a space on a page where such a line could be placed
   b lines [plural] : the words that an actor speaks in a play, movie, etc.
   c [count] : a short note or message
   d [count] : a spoken or written comment
[count] : a wrinkle on a person's skin
10 [count] : the path along which something moves or is directed
11 [count] : a railroad track
12 [count] 
13 [singular] : a series of similar things
   b [count] : the people in a family: the series of people who are born in a family as years pass
14 : a way of behaving, thinking, etc.
— see also hard line
   b : an official or public position or opinion
15 [count] : an area of activity or interest
16 [count] : the position of military forces who are facing the enemy
— see also front line
17 [count] : a group of related products that are sold by one company
18 : a system used for moving people or things from one place to another
also : a company that owns or controls such a system
— see also airline
   b : a system that allows people to share information
19 lines [plural] — used in phrases like along the lines of to refer to something that is similar or close to the thing being mentioned
American football [count] 
   b : the players who are positioned on the line of scrimmage
21 [count] : an amount of an illegal drug (such as cocaine) that is arranged in a thin line so that it can be breathed into the nose through a straw

along the line

: during a process or series of events

cross the line

— see 2cross

down the line

: in the future

draw a/the line

: to see or understand the difference between things
: to refuse to do or allow something: to set a limit— usually + at

fall in/into line

— see 1fall

get/have a line on

US, informal
: to get or have information about (someone or something that you are trying to find)

hold the line

: to not allow any more changes or increases— usually + against or on
— see also 1line 7 (above)

hook, line, and sinker

— see 1hook

in line

— used to say that someone should get something or is likely to get something
— used to refer to a person or thing that follows or could follow another person or thing
: doing what other people want or expect: in a state of agreement or cooperation
— see also 1line 3b (above)

in line with

: in agreement with

into line

: into a state of agreement or cooperation

lay it on the line

: to speak very honestly and directly to someone

on line

: in or into operation
— see also 1line 3b (above), online

on the line

: in danger of being lost or harmed: at risk

out of line

: beyond what is reasonable or allowable: not right or appropriate
— see also step out of line at 2step

read between the lines

— see 1read

take/follow the line of least resistance

— see resistance

the end of the line

— see 1end

toe the line

— see 2toe
— see also bottom linestory line
Learner's definition of LINE  
[+ object] : to place or form a line along (something, such as a hallway, building, or street)
— see also lined
baseball : to hit a line drive
[no object]
[+ object]

line up

[phrasal verb]
: to form a line
line (people or things) up or line up (people or things) : to put (people or things) into a line
line (things) up or line up (things) : to place (things) so that their edges form a straight line
: align
line (something) up or line up (something) : to succeed in getting (something)
— compare 3line
Learner's definition of LINE  
[+ object]
: to cover the inner surface of (something)
— see also linedlining

line your pockets

: to take or get a lot of money by doing something illegal or dishonest
— compare 2line
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