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Learner's definition of LIVE  
[no object] 
: to be alive
   b  : to continue to be alive
[no object] 
: to have a home in a specified place
   b  of a plant or animal  : to grow naturally in a specified place or area
: to spend your life in a certain way or condition
[no object]
[+ object]
[no object]  : to have an enjoyable and exciting life
[+ object] 
: to spend (your life or part of your life) in a specified way
   b  : to have (a particular kind of life)
[no object]  : to continue to exist
[no object]chiefly British, informal  : to belong in a specified place : to be located or stored

live a lie

— see 4lie

live and breathe

— see breathe

live and learn

informaloryou live and (you) learn
— used to say that you have learned something from an experience that is surprising and usually unpleasant

live and let live

: to let others live the way they want to

live by

[phrasal verb]
live by (something)  : to agree with and follow (something, such as a set of beliefs)
live by (doing something)  : to survive by (doing something)
   b  live by your wits  : to survive by doing clever and sometimes dishonest things

live down

[phrasal verb]
live down (something) or live (something) down 
: to stop being blamed or laughed at for (something, such as a foolish or embarrassing error) — often used in negative statements

live for

[phrasal verb]
live for (something) 
: to wait or hope for (something) very eagerly
: to think of (something) as the most important or enjoyable part of your life : to think of (something) as a reason for being alive

live in

[phrasal verb]chiefly British
: to live in the place where you work : to live in another person's home

live in hope

— see 2hope

live in sin

: to live together and have sex without being married

live in the past

: to think too much about something that happened in the past

live it up

: to do exciting and enjoyable things

live large

US slang
: to live like a very wealthy and successful person

live off

[phrasal verb]
live off (something or someone) 
: to use (someone or something) as a source of the money or other things you need to live

live on

[phrasal verb]
: to continue to exist
live on (something) 
: to have or use (an amount of money) to pay for the things that you need to live
   b  : to have (a particular food) as the only or main food that you eat

live out

[phrasal verb]
British  : to live away from the place where you work
live out (something) or live (something) out 
: to spend the rest of (your life) in a specified way
   b  : to do (the things you have dreamed of doing)

live through

[phrasal verb]
live through (something)  : to survive (an experience, a troubling time, etc.) : endure
live through (someone)US, sometimes disapproving  : to enjoy the experiences and achievements of (another person) instead of your own experiences and achievements

live together

[phrasal verb]
: to live with another person and have sex without being married

live up to

[phrasal verb]
live up to (something) 
: to do what is required by (something)
: to be good enough for (something)

live with

[phrasal verb]
live with (something)  : to accept and deal with (something unpleasant)
live with (someone)  : to live together and usually have sex with (someone)
Learner's definition of LIVE  
always used before a noun  : having life : living or alive
   b  informal  : not imaginary : actually existing — used in the phrase real live
: done in front of an audience : of or involving a play, concert, etc., that is performed in front of people
   b  : watching a performance as it happens
   c  : broadcast while a performance, event, etc., is happening : not recorded earlier
: carrying an electric current : connected to electric power
— see also live wire
always used before a noun 
: carrying a charge and capable of exploding or being shot
   b  : burning without a flame : glowing
: not yet decided or settled : still causing discussion, disagreement, or concern
US, sports  : still in play
British, of yogurt  : containing living bacteria
Learner's definition of LIVE  
: during, from, or at the actual time that something (such as a performance or event) happens

go live

: to begin operating or to become available for use
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