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Learner's definition of LOSE  
[+ object]  : to be unable to find (something or someone)
: to fail to win (a game, contest, etc.)
[+ object]
[no object]
— often + to
[+ object]  : to fail to keep or hold (something wanted or valued)
◊ If you have nothing (else/left) to lose, you cannot make a situation worse by taking a risk. If you have a lot to lose or have too much to lose, you could make your situation much worse by taking a risk or doing something.
   c  : to fail to earn or keep (money)
[+ object]
[no object]
   d  [+ object]  : to have (something) taken from you or destroyed
   e  [+ object]  : to gradually have less of (something) as time passes
[+ object]  : to cause (someone) to fail to win or keep (something) : to cause the loss of (something) for (someone)
: to decrease in (something)
[+ object]
[no object]
   b  [+ object]  : to decrease in value by (a specified amount)
   c  [no object]  : to decrease in value when compared to something else
[+ object] 
: to experience or suffer the death of (a relative, friend, etc.)
   b  : to no longer have or be with (someone who leaves)
[+ object]  : to fail to keep control of (something)
— see also lose your head at 1head
[+ object] 
: to fail to use (something, such as time) : waste
   b  of a watch or clock  : to show a time that is earlier than the correct time : to run slow by (an amount of time)
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object]  : to explain something in a way that is not clear to (someone) : to confuse (someone)
10  [+ object]  : to succeed in getting away from (someone who is following or chasing you)
11  [+ object]informal  : to get rid of (something unwanted)

lose contact

— see 1contact

lose count

— see 2count

lose face

— see 1face

lose ground

— see 1ground

lose it

: to become insane
: to start behaving in an uncontrolled way because you are angry or upset

lose out

[phrasal verb]
: to fail to keep or get something valued or desired — often + on or to

lose sleep over

— see 2sleep

lose the plot

— see 1plot

lose touch

— see 2touch

lose your bearings

— see bearing

lose your grip

— see 2grip

lose your head

— see 1head

lose your heart

— see heart

lose your life

— see 1life

lose your lunch

— see 1lunch

lose your marbles

— see marble

lose yourself

: to give all of your attention or thought to something

lose your shirt

— see shirt

lose your touch

— see 2touch

lose your way

— see 1way

— losable


— losing

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