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Learner's definition of MUCH  
: large in amount or extent : not little — often used in questions and in negative statements

a bit much

— see 1bit

never so much as

— see never

so much

— used for emphasis

too much

: too difficult to accept or deal with
informal  : very unusual in either an enjoyable or annoying way
Learner's definition of MUCH  
: to a great degree or extent
   b  : very extremely
   c  : frequently often
   d  : by a long time
: very nearly

as much

: the same

as much as

— used to say that two things are equal in amount or degree
: almost — used to say that someone came very close to doing something

much as

: although

much less

— see 2less

pretty much

— see 2pretty

so much as

— see 1so

so much the better

— see 3better

very much

— used for emphasis
Learner's definition of MUCH  
: a large amount
: something that is important or impressive — used in negative statements

as much as

— used to say that an amount is as large as another amount

make much of

— see 1make

not much of a

— used to say that someone or something is not very good

not much on

: not known for, good at, or interested in (something)

not think much of

— see 1think

so much

— see 1so
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