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Learner's definition of NUMBER  
[count] : a word or symbol (such as “five” or “16”) that represents a specific amount or quantity
: a number or a set of numbers and other symbols that is used to identify a person or thing— abbreviation No. or no.
   b : a person who is identified by a number and not treated in a personal or friendly way
— see also 800 number
: the total amount of people or things
— often + of
   b numbers [plural] : a large group of people or things
— used to indicate the position of someone or something in a numbered list or series— abbreviation No. or no.
   b : the version of a magazine, newspaper, etc., that is published at a particular time— abbreviation No. or no.
[singular]formal : a group of people
[count] : a song or dance that is usually performed as part of a concert or performance
[count]informal : someone or something that is attractive or desirable
numbers [plural] : numbers that show amounts of money that are spent, earned, or needed
numbers chiefly US [plural] 
: numbers that show how many people are listening to or watching a particular radio or television program
   b : numbers that show how a person (such as an athlete) has performed in the past
10 numbers [plural]US : a gambling game in which people bet on which numbers will be chosen each day— often used before another noun
11 [noncount]grammar : the quality of a word form that shows whether the word is singular or plural

bad/good (etc.) with numbers

: bad, good, etc., at using numbers (such as for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing)

beyond number

formal + literary
: too many to count

by numbers

or USby the numbers
: in a way that follows the rules or instructions but that is not interesting or original

do a number on

: to have a very bad effect on (someone or something): to hurt or damage (someone or something)

have someone's number

: to be able to deal with or defeat someone easily especially because you know or understand that person so well

without number

: too many to count

your number is up

◊ If your number is up, you are about to suffer or die.
Learner's definition of NUMBER  
[+ object] : to give a number to (someone or something in a series): to label or identify (people or things in a series) with a number
— used to indicate a total amount
[linking verb]
[no object]
somewhat formal : to include (someone or something) as part of a larger group— + among or with
[+ object]
— usually used as (be) numbered
[no object]

days are numbered

— used to say that someone or something will die, fail, or end soon
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