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Learner's definition of OPEN  
[or more open; most open]
: not closed: such as
: not covering an opening
   b : having an opening that is not covered
: not sealed or locked
: allowing movement or travel: not blocked
: able to be entered and used by customers, visitors, etc.
: having parts that are spread apart instead of folded together or attached
: not containing or surrounded by walls, fences, buildings, etc.
   b of a building or room : having few walls
: including or allowing a particular group of people— usually + to
   b : including or allowing all people
: available to be used— often + to
   b of a job, position, etc. : not yet taken: available for someone to take or fill
: happening or done in public so that people can participate or know what is being said or done
10 : not hidden or secret
11 : expressing thoughts and feelings in a direct and honest way
12 : willing to listen to or accept different ideas or opinions
13 : not having ended: not yet finished or decided
   b : allowing further comments or discussion
— see also open to debate at 1debate
14 : able to be criticized, harmed, doubted, etc.— usually + to
15 sports : not blocked or guarded by players from the other team
16 computers — used to describe a file, document, etc., that is being used
17 — used to describe a microphone that is turned on
18 of fabric : having large openings or spaces between threads

keep your eyes open

— see 1eye

with your/both eyes open

— see 1eye
Learner's definition of OPEN  
[+ object] : to move (a door, window, etc.) so that an opening is no longer covered
   b [no object] : to move and no longer cover an opening
◊ The opposite of open is close in every sense except sense 10.
[+ object] : to cause (something) to no longer be covered, sealed, or blocked
: to separate the parts or edges of something
[+ object]
[no object]
: to make a hole or opening in (something)
[+ object]
[no object]
: to allow (a park, road, etc.) to be used
[+ object]
[no object]
: to begin the regular services or activities of (a business, school, etc.)
[+ object]
[no object]
   b : to begin the activities or services of (a business, school, etc.) for the first time
[+ object]
[no object]
: to begin (something)
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to begin keeping money in (an account at a bank)
[+ object]computers : to begin to use (a file, document, or program) on a computer
10 always followed by an adverb or preposition[no object] : to allow movement or passage through a doorway or other opening— often + out
11 [no object] : to have a specified price or be at a specified level at the beginning of the day

open doors for

: to give special opportunities to (someone)

open fire

: to begin shooting

open for

[phrasal verb]
open for (someone or something) 
: to perform before (the main performer at a concert, show, etc.)

open out

[phrasal verb]British
: to become less shy and speak more freely
— see also 2open 10 (above)

open someone's eyes

— see 1eye

open the door

oropen the way
: to make (something) easier or more likely to happen— often + for or to

open to

[phrasal verb]
open (something) to (someone or something) : to allow (a particular group of people) to enter, use, or participate in (something)
open (someone or something) to (something) : to cause or allow (someone or something) to be affected by (something bad, such as criticism)

open up

[phrasal verb]
: to become less shy and speak more freely
: to begin shooting
— used to demand that someone who is inside a room, building, etc., let you in
open up or open up (something) or open (something) up 
: to become or cause (something) to become available or possible
   b : to become or cause (something) to become wider or less crowded
   c : to develop or cause (something) to develop

open your bowels

— see bowel

open your doors

— see door

open your heart

: to behave in a kind and generous way— often + to

open your mind

: to become able to understand different ideas or ways of thinking— often + to

— openable

Learner's definition of OPEN  
[count] : a competition (such as a major golf tournament or tennis tournament) that allows both professionals and amateurs to participate— usually used in names
the open 
: an area or place without walls, barriers, etc.: an area or place that is not covered or enclosed— used in the phrase (out) in/into the open
   b : a situation in which something (such as a feeling) is no longer hidden or kept secret— used in the phrase (out) in/into the open
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