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Learner's definition of ORDER  
: a statement made by a person with authority that tells someone to do something: an instruction or direction that must be obeyed
: a specific request asking a company to supply goods or products to a customer
   b [count] : a product or a group of products that someone has requested from a company
: a request for food or drinks made at a restaurant
   b : the food and drinks that someone has requested at a restaurant
   c : an amount of food that is served at a restaurant
: the particular way that things or events are organized in a list or series
— see also pecking order
: an organized and proper state or condition
— opposite disorder
   b : the state in which people behave properly, follow rules or laws, and respect authority
[singular] : a social or political system: the way that a society is organized or controlled
[singular] : a level of quality or excellence
[count]chiefly British : a social class— usually plural
[count]biology : a group of related plants or animals that is larger than a family
10 [count] : a large organization of people who have similar jobs or interests and who give help to other members
11 [count] : a religious organization whose members usually live together and promise to follow special rules and traditions
— see also holy orders
12 [count] : a group of people who have been given an honor or reward by a country's ruler

call (something) to order

: to say that (something, such as a meeting or court session) should begin

house in order

— see 1house

in apple-pie order

— see apple pie

in order

: appropriate or desirable
— see also 1order 4 (above), 1order 5a (above)

in order for

: to make it possible for someone or something to be or to do something

in order that

— used to say the reason for something

in order to

: to make it possible for something to happen

in short order

— see 1short

law and order

— see law

on the order of

(chiefly US)or Britishin/of the order of
: around or about (a specified number)

out of order

: not working properly: not able to be used
: not following the formal rules of a meeting, court session, etc.
British, informal : beyond what is reasonable or allowable: not right or appropriate
— see also 1order 4 (above)

to order

: in response to a specific order or request
— see also made-to-order

— orderless

Learner's definition of ORDER  
[+ object] 
: to use your authority to tell someone to do something: to give an order to someone— usually followed by to + verb
   b : to say that (something) must be done
: to place an order for (something): such as
: to request (something) from a company
[+ object]
[no object]
   b : to request (food or drinks) from a restaurant
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to organize (things) in a particular list or series: to put things in a particular order or position
— see also reorder

just what the doctor ordered

— see 1doctor

order around

[phrasal verb]or chiefly Britishorder about
order (someone) around/about 
: to give orders to (someone): to tell (someone) what to do

— orderable


— orderer

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