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Learner's definition of PACK  
: a bag or bundle of objects that is carried on a person's or animal's back
— see also backpackfanny pack
chiefly US 
: a small paper or cardboard package in which small things are sold
   b : the amount contained in one pack
— see also six-pack
: packet 2b
: a complete set of playing cards
: deck
: a group of similar people or things
: a large number of people who are grouped together during a race or competition— usually singular
: a group of usually wild animals that hunt together
: an organized group of Cub Scouts
   b chiefly British : an organized group of Brownies
: a thick, wet substance that is put on the skin as a beauty treatment
10 : a folded cloth that is pressed against a part of the body to reduce pain or stop bleeding from an injury
— see also ice pack
Learner's definition of PACK  
[+ object] : to put (something) into a bag, suitcase, etc., so that you can take it with you
   b : to put things into (a bag, box, etc.)
[+ object]
[no object]
— see also packed 4
[+ object] : to put (something) into a box or other container so that it can be moved, stored, or protected— often + in or into
[+ object] : to fill (a place) with as many people as possible: to fill a place completely with (people)— often + into
   b always followed by a preposition[no object] : to gather close together as a group
[+ object] : to put a large amount of something into (something)— often + with
— see also packed 2
[+ object] : to make (dirt, snow, etc.) more firm or solid by pressing down on it
— see also packed 1
[+ object]US : to unfairly control the kinds of people or things that are in (a group, list, etc.) in order to get the result you want
[+ object]somewhat informal : to have or be able to produce (something powerful)
US, informal : to wear or carry (a weapon)
[+ object]
[no object]

pack a punch/wallop

: to be very forceful or effective

pack away

[phrasal verb]
pack (something) away or pack away (something) 
: to put (something) in a safe place to be used at a later time

pack in

[phrasal verb]
British, informal : to stop or quit
pack in (someone or something) or pack (someone or something) in : to cause (someone or something) to fit into a small space
— see also 2pack 2 (above)
   b pack in (people) or pack (people) in : to cause (large groups of people) to come to a show or performance
pack in (something) 
US, informal : to stop using (something) forever
   b British, informal : to give up doing (something)
pack it ininformal : to stop doing a job or an activity
: quit

pack in/into

[phrasal verb]
pack (something) in/into (something) 
: to put (a large amount of something) into (something)

pack off

[phrasal verb]
pack (someone) off 
: to send (someone) away to a different place— usually + to

pack on the pounds

chiefly US, informalorpack on five/ten/fifteen (etc.) pounds
: to gain weight or a certain amount of weight

pack out

[phrasal verb]
pack out (a place)British 
: to cause (a place) to be filled with people: to fill (a place)

pack up

[phrasal verb]
pack up or pack up (something) or pack (something) up 
: to gather things together so that you can take them with you
   b British, informal : to stop or quit: to give up doing (something)
British, informal : to stop working properly

pack your bags

: to leave a place

send (someone or something) packing

— see send

— packable

/ˈpækəbəl/adjective,[more packable; most packable]
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