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Learner's definition of PERSONAL  
always used before a noun 
: belonging or relating to a particular person
   b  : made or designed to be used by one person
   c  — used to describe someone whose job involves working for or helping a particular person
[more personal; most personal]  : relating to a person's private feelings, thoughts, problems, etc.
   b  : relating to the parts of your life that do not involve your work or job
   c  — used to describe the feelings of two people who know and deal with each other
[more personal; most personal]  : relating to a particular person's character, appearance, opinions, etc., in a way that is offensive or hurtful
always used before a noun  : done by a particular person instead of by someone else who is working or acting for that person
always used before a noun  : relating to a person's physical body or health
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