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Learner's definition of POINT  
[count] : an idea that you try to make other people accept or understand
   b [count] : a particular detail of an idea or argument
   c the point : the main or most important idea of something that is said or written
— see also to the point (below)
: a reason for doing something
— often + of— often + in
[count] : an individual detail or part of something
[count] : a particular position, location, or place
[count] : a particular time or a particular stage in the development of something— usually singular
: a unit of measurement
   b : a unit that is used to score a game or contest
points [plural]informal : praise, credit, or approval for doing something good or helpful
[count] : the usually sharp end of something (such as a sword, needle, or pencil)
[count] : a small dot
10 [count] — used especially in speech to say a number that includes a decimal point
11 [count] : any one of the 32 marks on a compass that are used for showing directions
12 [count] : a piece of land that sticks out into a lake, ocean, etc.— sometimes used in names
13 [count]British 
14 [count] : a unit that measures the size of letters typed on a computer or printed in a published work

beside the point

— see beside

from point A to point B

— see 1a

in point of

: when considering (a particular quality): with regard to (something)

make a point

◊ If you make a point of doing something or make it a point to do something, you give your attention to it so that you are sure that it happens.

not to put too fine a point on it

— see 1fine

on point

: relating very well to the subject that is being discussed: accurate and appropriate

to the point

: relating to the thing that is being thought about or discussed
— see also 1point 1c (above)

up to a point

— used to indicate that a statement is partly but not completely true
Learner's definition of POINT  
: to show someone where to look by moving your finger or an object held in your hand in a particular direction
[no object]
— often + at— often + to— often + toward
[+ object]
— see also finger-pointing
[+ object] : to cause the front or tip of (something) to be turned toward someone or something— often + at
always followed by an adverb or preposition[no object] : to have the end or tip extended, aimed, or turned in a specified direction
computers : to use a mouse or other device to move the pointer on a computer screen to a particular object or place
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to show (someone) which direction to travel in order to reach a particular place: to direct (someone) toward something
[+ object] : to give a sharp end to (something)
[+ object] : to repair (a wall, chimney, etc.) by putting new cement or other material between the bricks or stones

point an accusing finger at, point a/the finger at

— see 1finger

point out

[phrasal verb]
point out (someone or something) or point (someone or something) out : to direct someone's attention to (someone or something) by pointing
point out (something) or point (something) out : to talk about or mention (something that you think is important)

point the way

: to show the way to go in order to get somewhere— often used figuratively

point to

[phrasal verb]
point to (something) 
: to mention or refer to (something) as a way of supporting an argument or claim

point to/toward

[phrasal verb]
point to/toward (someone or something) 
: to show that something is true or probably true

point up

[phrasal verb]
point up (something)formal or point (something) up 
: to bring attention to (something): to highlight or emphasize (something)

point your toes

: to bend your foot down so that the top of it and the front of your leg form a straight line
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