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Learner's definition of PUT  
[+ object]
always followed by an adverb or preposition 
: to cause (someone or something) to be in a particular place or position
   b  : to cause (something) to go into or through something in a forceful way
   c  : to cause (someone) to be in a particular place or send (someone) to a particular place
   d  : to show that (someone or something) is in a particular place
: to write (something) with a pen or pencil in or on something
always followed by an adverb or preposition  : to cause (someone or something) to be in a particular state or condition
always followed by an adverb or preposition 
: to cause (someone or something) to do work or perform a task — often + to
   b  : to use (something)
always followed by an adverb or preposition  : to cause (something) to have an effect on someone or something — usually + on
: to say or express (something)
always followed by an adverb or preposition 
: to ask (a question) or make (a suggestion) to someone
   b  : to ask a group of people to formally vote on (something)
: to add music to (words)
sports  : to throw (a shot put)

I wouldn't put it past (someone)

— see 2past

put about

[phrasal verb]
put (something) aboutBritish or put about (something)  : to tell many people about (something)
of a boat or ship  : to change direction
   b  put (something) about  : to cause (a boat or ship) to change direction

put across

[phrasal verb]
put (something) across or put across (something)  : to cause (something) to be clearly understood : to get (something) across
put (yourself) across as (something)  : to cause (yourself) to appear to be (a particular type of person)

put a foot wrong

— see 1foot

put aside

[phrasal verb]
put (something) aside or put aside (something) 
: to save or keep (something, such as money) to be used at a later time
: to stop worrying or thinking about (something)

put at

[phrasal verb]
put (something) at (something) 
: to guess or estimate (something) to be (something)

put away

[phrasal verb]
put (something) away or put away (something) 
: to return (something) to the place where it belongs
   b  : to save or keep (something, such as money) to be used at a later time
   c  informal  : to eat (a large amount of food)
put (someone) awayinformal or put away (someone)  : to cause (someone) to be kept in a prison or mental hospital

put back

[phrasal verb]
put (something) back or put back (something) 
: to return (something) to the place where it belongs
British  : to change (a planned event) to start at a later date or time

put before

[phrasal verb]
put (something) before (someone or something) 
: to ask (a person or group) to make a decision about (something)

put behind

[phrasal verb]
put (something) behind you 
: to stop worrying about or being upset by (something that happened in the past)

put by

[phrasal verb]
put (something) bychiefly British or put by (something) 
: to save (money) for a later time

put down

[phrasal verb]
put (someone or something) down also put down (someone or something) 
: to place (someone or something that you have been holding or carrying) on a table, on the floor, etc.
   b  : to add (someone or something) to a list
   c  informal  : to say critical or insulting things about (someone or something)
— see also put-down
put (something) down or put down (something) 
: to write (something) : to record (something) in writing
   b  : to give (an amount of money) as a first payment when you are buying something that costs a lot of money
   c  : to put (something) in place on the floor or ground
   d  : to stop (a violent or dangerous activity) by using force
   e  : to kill (an animal) in a way that causes it little pain usually because it is injured or sick
   f  British  : to end a telephone connection
   g  British  : to formally suggest (something) as an idea to be discussed and voted on by a group of people : to propose or introduce (something)
put downchiefly British or put (something) down or put down (something)  : to land or to cause (an airplane) to land
put (someone) down or put down (someone)  : to place (a baby or child) in a bed to sleep
put (someone) down as (something)  : to think of (someone) as (a specified kind of person or thing)
put (someone) down for (something)  : to write the name of (someone) on a list of people who will do or give (something)
put (something) down to (something)  : to say or think that (something) happened because of (something)

put forth

[phrasal verb]
put forth (something)somewhat formal or put (something) forth 
: to suggest (an idea, plan, etc.) for people to think about or consider
: to use (something, such as energy) for a particular purpose
of a plant  : to produce or send out (something) by growing

put forward

[phrasal verb]
put (something) forwardsomewhat formal or put forward (something) 
: to suggest (something) for consideration : propose

put in

[phrasal verb]
put (something) in or put in (something) 
: to make (something) ready to be used in a certain place : install
   b  : to add (a comment) to a conversation or argument
   c  : to make an official statement, offer, or request
   d  : to perform (a particular action)
   e  : to work or do something for (an amount of time)
put in (something) or put (something) in (something)  : to use (a certain amount of energy or effort) when doing something
put (something) in (something) 
: to invest (money) into (something)
   b  — used to say what causes you to have faith, confidence, etc.
put in for (something)  : to ask for (something) in an official way : to formally request (something)
of a boat or ship  : to enter a harbor or port

put into

[phrasal verb]
put (something) into (something) 
: to use (a certain amount of energy or effort) when doing (something)
: to invest (time, money, etc.) in (something)

put it there

informal + old-fashionedorput her there
— used to invite someone to shake hands with you

put off

[phrasal verb]
put (something) off or put off (something)  : to decide that (something) will happen at a later time : postpone
put (someone) off or put off (someone) 
: to cause (someone) to wait
   b  : to cause (someone) to dislike someone or something
— see also off-putting
   c  British  : to allow (someone) to get off a bus or other vehicle

put on

[phrasal verb]
put (something) on or put on (something) 
: to dress yourself in (clothing)
   b  : to apply (something) to your face or body
   c  : to add to or increase the amount of (something)
   d  : to cause (a machine, a light, etc.) to begin to work
   e  : to cause (something) to begin to be heard, seen, produced, etc.
   f  : to start cooking or making (something)
   g  : to produce (something that entertains people, such as a play, a party, etc.)
put (something) on (someone or something) 
: to say that (someone or something) is responsible for or guilty of (something)
   b  : to bet (an amount of money) on (someone or something)
put (someone or something) on (something)  : to add (someone or something) to (a list or group of related things)
put (someone) onchiefly US, informal or put on (someone)  : to say things that are not true to (someone) in a joking way : to trick or fool (someone) for amusement
— see also 2put-on
— used to say that you would like to speak to someone on the phone
put (someone) on (something)  : to tell (someone) to use or do (something)
put (someone) on to (something)  : to give (someone) information about (something) : to tell (someone) about (something that he or she did not know about before)

put out

[phrasal verb]
put (something) out or put out (something) 
: to cause (something) to stop burning : extinguish
   b  : to stop (something) from working
   c  : to take (something) outside and leave it there
   d  : to extend (something) outward
   e  : to place (something) where people may use it
   f  : to produce (something)
   g  : to make (something) available to be bought, used, etc.
put (someone) out or put out (someone) 
: to annoy or bother (someone)
   b  : to cause (someone) to do extra work : to cause trouble for (someone)
   c  : to make (someone) unconscious
   d  sports  : to cause (someone) to be out in baseball or cricket
— see also putout
chiefly US, informal + impolite  : to have sex with someone
of a boat or ship  : to leave a harbor or port

put over

[phrasal verb]
put (something) over or put over (something)  : to cause (something) to be clearly understood : to put (something) across
put (yourself) over as (something)  : to cause (yourself) to appear to be (a particular type of person)
put (something) over on (someone)  : to lie about (something) to (someone) : to trick or deceive someone

put paid to

— see 2paid

put (someone) in mind of

— see 1mind

put through

[phrasal verb]
put (something) through or put through (something)  : to cause (something) to be accepted or done successfully
put (someone) through (something)  : to pay for (someone) to attend (school)
put (someone or something) through (something)  : to cause (someone or something) to experience (something)
put (someone or something) through or put through (someone or something) 
: to cause a phone call from (someone) to be sent to another person's phone
   b  : to cause (a phone call) to be sent to another person's phone

put to death

— see death

put together

[phrasal verb]
put (something) together or put together (something) 
: to create (something) by joining or gathering parts together
   b  — used to say that someone or something is greater than the total of all the other people or things mentioned
put (something) together with (something)  : to add or combine (something) with (something)

put up

[phrasal verb]
put (something) up or put up (something) 
: to place (something) in a higher position
   b  : to cause (something) to be on a wall, to hang from a ceiling, etc.
   c  : to set or place (something) so that it stands up
   d  : to build (something)
   e  : to make (something) available for people to buy or have — often + for
   f  : to provide (money, property, etc.) in order to pay for something
   g  : to offer (something) as a prize
   h  chiefly British  : to increase (something) : raise
   i  US  : to return (something) to the place where it belongs
   j  chiefly US  : to preserve (fruits, vegetables, etc.) to be used later : can
put up (something) 
: to do (something) as a way of resisting or struggling against someone or something
   b  : to offer (something) as an argument, a suggestion, etc.
   c  : to score (points)
put (someone) up  : to give food and shelter to (someone) : to allow or pay for (someone) to stay in someone's home, a hotel, etc., for the night
   b  chiefly British  : to stay in someone's home, a hotel, etc., for the night
put (someone) up or put up (someone)  : to choose or suggest (someone) to be a candidate or competitor
put (someone) up to (something)  : to convince (someone) to do (something stupid or foolish)
put up with (something or someone)  : to allow (someone or something unpleasant or annoying) to exist or happen : tolerate
put up or shut upinformal  — used to tell someone in a somewhat rude way to start doing something or to stop talking about it
Learner's definition of PUT  
: the act of throwing a shot put
Learner's definition of PUT  

stay put

: to stay where you are : to not move or go anywhere
— see also hard put
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