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Learner's definition of RATE  
: the speed at which something happens over a particular period of time
: the number of times something happens or is done during a particular period of time
— see also birthrate, death rate
: an amount that is paid : a price or amount to be paid that is set according to a scale or standard
— see also exchange rate, prime rate

at any rate

— used to indicate that something is true or certain regardless of what else has happened or been said

at a rate of knots

British, informal
: very fast or quickly

at this/that rate

: if things continue to happen in the same way they have been happening

going rate

: the average or usual price that is charged for something
Learner's definition of RATE  
[+ object]  : to make a judgment about the quality, ability, or value of (someone or something) — often used as (be) rated
— see also overrate, underrate
   b  [no object]  : to be judged as having a particular level of quality, ability, or value
[+ object]  : to consider something or someone to be (something)
[+ object]  : to officially state that a movie, video game, etc., is appropriate for a specific audience — usually used as (be) rated
[+ object]  : to state the normal power or limit of (a machine, engine, etc.) — usually used as (be) rated — usually + at
[+ object]  : to deserve (something) because of being important, good, etc.
[no object]US, informal  : to be liked by someone and get special treatment or privileges — usually + with
[+ object]British, informal  : to think of (someone or something) as being good or of a high quality : like
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