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Learner's definition of REFLECT  
[no object]of light, sound, etc.  : to move in one direction, hit a surface, and then quickly move in a different and usually opposite direction — usually + off
   b  [+ object] 
◊ When a surface reflects light, sound, or heat, it causes the light, sound, or heat that hits it to move or bounce away in a different direction.
[+ object]  : to show the image of (something) on a surface
[+ object]  : to show (something) : to make (something) known
[no object] 
: to cause people to think of someone or something in a specified way — + on or upon
   b  : to cause people to disapprove of someone or something — + on or upon
[no object]  : to think carefully about something — often + on or upon
   b  [+ object]  : to think or say (something) after careful thought
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