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Learner's definition of REGULAR  
: happening over and over again at the same time or in the same way : occurring every day, week, month, etc.
   b  : happening at times that are equally separated
— opposite irregular
always used before a noun 
: happening or done very often
   b  : doing the same thing or going to the same place very often
: spaced an equal distance apart
always used before a noun 
: normal or usual
   b  chiefly US  : not special or unusual
[more regular; most regular] 
: having a shape that is smooth or even
   b  : having parts that are arranged in an even or balanced way
grammar  : following the normal patterns by which word forms (such as the past tenses of verbs) are usually created
always used before a nouninformal  — used for emphasis
: able to have normal bowel movements : not constipated
[more regular; most regular]  : having or being menstrual cycles that usually last the same number of days each time
10  always used before a noun  : belonging to a country's official army
Learner's definition of REGULAR  
[count]  : someone who goes somewhere very often
[count]  : someone who often or usually performs, plays, etc.
US  : something that is average or usual in quality or size
[count]  : a soldier who belongs to a country's permanent army — usually plural
— compare irregular
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