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Learner's definition of RETURN  
[no object]  : to come or go to a place again : to come back or go back again — often + from or to
— see also return to (below)
[+ object] 
: to bring, give, send, or take (something) to the place that it came from or the place where it should go
   b  : to bring or send (something that you bought) to the place that it came from because it does not work or fit properly, because it is damaged, etc.
   c  : to bring (empty bottles or cans) to a place that collects them so that they can be used again
[no object]  : to happen or exist again
[+ object]  : to respond to (something) in the same way
[+ object]formal  : to make an official report of (a decision or order)
[+ object]tennis  : to hit back (a ball that was hit to you)
[+ object]American football  : to run with the ball after getting it because of a kick, fumble, etc.
[+ object]British  : to elect (someone) to office — usually used as (be) returned — often + as
[+ object]finance  : to produce or earn (something, such as a profit or loss)

return to

[phrasal verb]
return to (something) 
: to go to (a place where you work, study, etc.) again after being away for a time
— see also 1return 1 (above)
: to start doing or using (something) again especially after a long time
: to start an activity again that relates to (something)
: to change back to (an earlier or original condition or state)
Learner's definition of RETURN  
[singular]  : the act of coming or going back to the place you started from or to a place where you were before
[singular]  : the act of going back to an activity, job, situation, etc. : the act of starting to do something again after stopping
: the fact that something (such as a condition, feeling, or situation) happens again — + of
   b  : the fact that someone or something changes to a condition or state that existed before
[singular]  : the act of taking someone or something back to the proper place — + of
[count]  : something that is brought or sent back to a store or business because it does not work or fit properly, is damaged, is not needed, etc.
   b  returns [plural]chiefly US  : empty cans or bottles that are brought back to a store so that they can be used again
finance  : the profit from an investment or business
— often + on
— sometimes used figuratively
returns [plural]  : a report of the results of voting
[count]  : a report that you send to the government about the money that you have earned and the taxes that you have paid in one year
[count]sports  : the act of returning a ball
10  [count]British  : a ticket for a trip that takes you to a place and back to the place you started from : a round-trip ticket

by return

Britishorby return of post
: immediately by mail

happy returns

old fashioned
— used for wishing someone a happy birthday and to express the hope that he or she will live to celebrate many more birthdays in the future

in return

: in payment or exchange — often + for
— see also point of no return
Learner's definition of RETURN  
always used before a noun
: used in or taken for returning to a place
: happening or done for the second time
chiefly British  : used or paying for a trip that takes you to a place and back to the place you started from
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