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Learner's definition of RIGHT  
usually not used before a noun : morally or socially correct or acceptable
— opposite wrong
: agreeing with the facts or truth: accurate or correct
— opposite wrong
   b not used before a noun : speaking, acting, or judging in a way that agrees with the facts or truth— often + about— often followed by to + verb
— opposite wrong
   c — used in speech to ask if a statement is correct or to say that a statement is correct
   d — used in speech to say you understand and accept what someone has said
   e — used for emphasis at the beginning of a statement
   f — used in speech to express disbelief
: suitable or appropriate for a particular purpose, situation, or person
— opposite wrongsee also mr. right
: in a normal or healthy state or condition
   b not used before a noun : in a proper state or condition
always used before a noun 
: located on the side of your body that is away from your heart
   b : done with your right hand
   c : located nearer to the right side of your body than to the left
— opposite left
US — used to refer to the side of something that is meant to be on top, in front, or on the outside
— opposite wrong
always used before a nounBritish, informal : complete or total— used for emphasis

(as) right as rain

: in excellent health or condition

get off on the right foot

— see 1foot

give your right arm

— see 1give

push the right buttons

— see 1button
— see also all right

— rightness

Learner's definition of RIGHT  
: in the exact location, position, or moment that is mentioned
: in a direct course or manner
: in a way that agrees with the facts or truth
— opposite wrong
: in a suitable, proper, or desired way
— opposite wrong
: all the way
: without delay: very soon or immediately
: toward the right
   b : towards the political right
   c US : using the right hand
— opposite left
: in a complete manner

play your cards right

— see 1card

right and left

or Britishright, left, and centre
: in a very quick and uncontrolled way: in all directions

right away

alsoright off
: without delay or hesitation

right now

: in the next moment
: at the present time

serve someone right

— see 1serve
Learner's definition of RIGHT  
: behavior that is morally good or correct
— opposite wrong
[count] : something that a person is or should be morally or legally allowed to have, get, or do— often followed by to + verb— often + of
rights [plural] : the legal authority to reproduce, publish, broadcast, or sell something— often + to
— see also copyright
[noncount] : a location closer to the right side of your body than to the left: the right side— often used with on— often used with to
   b [count] : a turn or movement toward the right
[count] : a punch made with the right hand
the Right : political groups who favor traditional attitudes and practices and conservative policies
   b the right : the position of people who support the beliefs and policies of the political Right
— compare leftsee also the far right at 2far

by right

: according to what is legally or morally correct

by rights

alsoby all rights
: according to what is proper and reasonable

dead to rights

or Britishbang to rights
: with proof that you are guilty
sports : with no chance of winning or succeeding

in its own right

: because of its own special qualities and not because of a connection with something else

in the right

: in the position or situation of being right

in your own right

: because of your own efforts, talent, etc., and not because of your connection with someone else

might makes right

— see 2might

of right

: according to what is legally or morally correct

put/set (something) to rights

: to put (something) back into the normal or proper condition

two wrongs don't make a right

— see 3wrong
Learner's definition of RIGHT  
[+ object]
: to make (something) right: to correct (something wrong or unjust)
: to return (something) to a proper state or condition
: to put (something or someone) back in an upright position
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