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Learner's definition of RISE  
[no object]
: to move upward— often + up— sometimes used figuratively
   b : to become higher
   c : to slope or extend upward— often + up
: to advance to a higher level or position: to become more popular, successful, etc.
: to increase in amount, number, level, etc.: to become more
   b : to become stronger: to increase in strength
   c : to become louder: to increase in volume
: to stand up
   b : to get up from sleeping in a bed
of the sun or moon : to appear above the horizon
— opposite 1set 11
of bread, cake, etc. : to become bigger because of being filled with air bubbles made through a chemical process
: to begin to fight in order to remove a ruler or government— often + up
: to live again after dying: to come back to life

rise above

[phrasal verb]
rise above (something) 
: to not allow yourself to be hurt or controlled by (something bad or harmful)
: to be or become better than (something)

rise to the occasion/challenge

: to make the special effort that is required to successfully deal with a difficult situation

your gorge rises

— see 1gorge
Learner's definition of RISE  
[count] : an increase in amount, number, level, etc.— usually singular
— opposite decrease
[singular] : an upward movement
[singular] : the act of advancing to a higher level or position: the process by which something or someone becomes established, popular, successful, etc.
: an upward slope
   b : an area of ground that is higher than the ground around it: a small hill
[count]British : an increase in the amount of money paid to a worker
: raise

get a rise out of

: to cause (someone) to react in an angry way: to make (someone) angry or upset

give rise to

: to cause or produce (something)

on the rise

: increasing in amount, number, level, etc.
: becoming more successful, popular, etc.
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