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Learner's definition of SCREEN  
: the usually flat part of a television or computer monitor that shows the images or text: the part of a television or computer that you look at when you are using it
— see picture at computer
   b : a large, flat, white surface on which images or movies are shown
[noncount] : the art or profession of acting in movies— often used before another noun
— see also big screensilver screen
[count]chiefly US : a sheet that is made of very small wire or plastic strings which are woven together and that is set in a frame in a window, door, etc., to let air in but keep insects out
[count] : something that is used to hide, protect, cover, or block a person or thing: such as
: a group of trees or plants that separates one area from another
   b : a large, thin piece of wood, paper, or cloth that is set in a frame and used to separate one room or part of a room from another
   c : something that hides the real nature of an activity, feeling, etc.
   d sports : a planned action in some sports (such as basketball or ice hockey) in which a player or a player's view is legally blocked by an opponent
— see also smoke screensunscreenwindscreen
[count]American football 
— see also silk screen
Learner's definition of SCREEN  
[+ object]
: to examine (people or things) in order to decide if they are suitable for a particular purpose
: to do a test on (someone) to find out if that person has or is likely to develop a disease— usually + for
   b : to do a test on (a person's blood, urine, etc.) to find out if the person has been using an illegal substance— usually + for
: to show (a movie, television show, etc.) to the public on a screen
: to hide, protect, cover, or block (someone or something) with a screen— often used figuratively

screen out

[phrasal verb]
screen (someone or something) out or screen out (someone or something) : to remove (someone or something that is not suitable for a particular purpose) from a group that is being examined
screen (something) out or screen out (something) : to prevent (something harmful) from passing through
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